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Sometimes Facebook is slow and let's find out how to fix it, it could be that it is happening on our mobile, on the computer, on the tablet… the truth is that it is quite inconvenient for the social network to go wrong on the web or in your application, many times we feel uncomfortable and end up leaving the platform, quitting to see messages and share content.

However, you should know that it's not always about you when Facebook fails. Though in some cases it is the responsibility of your Internet connection that the platform does not load properly or is simply too slow, in other cases it could be a server or an internal failure of the social network in which you have nothing to do as a user..

The first thing you should do before proceeding with a slow or no login issue on Facebook is check that your internet is working properly, not only that you can access other pages, but that your speed is sufficient to receive the amount of data.

To do this, enter one speed test from your mobile browser or on your computer and check how much speed you are getting at that moment, if it is within normal limits and haggling then there is no doubt, there may be a problem beyond that.

You should also consider that not only the internet is responsible for your slow Facebook, it is possible that your computer also has internal performance problems, even that you may be a victim of malware that does not allow you to access certain pages or that will try to steal your credentials.

In the case of furniture, If the app is not updated, it could be the reason for your performance issues on Facebook, as it may be that the version installed on your mobile is no longer compatible with the platform.

Now if the problem is a failure coming from Facebook, it's probably something you'll see in an official announcement through a statement from the social network itself.

slow facebook on computer

As we pointed out earlier, Facebook may be slow on your computer due to a weak Internet connection, but it's there also the possibility that the ads on Facebook are a affect page performance, causing it to fail to load. the social network, which when you try to go to a section does not finish loading, nor is it possible to publish quickly.

However, there is a solution you can try to make things better with Facebook on your computer. Try blocking ads in your browser, in this case I will talk about Google Chrome; You should go to the Chrome Web Store and search for AdBlock, an extension that will take care of limiting the ads that come from websites and speeding up the operation.

Another important aspect is that, contrary to what many believe, using a VPN with Facebook can do more harm than good, because most of these tools slow down the real speed of your connection and will limit your surfing.

Facebook slow on mobile

If you log into Facebook from your mobile browser, you might experiencing slowness due to the URL you are usingi.e. you are using the standard version of Facebook instead of the mobile version.

To solve this small inconvenience and speed up processes within the social network, simply change the address you are using, instead of entering «www.facebook.com» use «m.facebook.com»

Being a version with less data consumption, it will load faster and you will make the content work better, even if the interface is slightly different and you will also notice that some functions are not available in this way, however you can use it for a normal visit to your profile and notifications.

slow facebook on android

THE Facebook application on Android stores a lot of information in temporary files and caches, which makes the app more and more heavy, on some mobile phones with limited resources it can create a performance conflict, which ends up slowing down the app and you cannot browse normally.

In that case, the ideal is clear your data and cache from time to time, this way you will prevent the app from collapsing from locally stored data and start again, you will notice that it runs much smoother. Note that when you perform this action, you will need to enter your login credentials again.

Another alternative could be to download Facebook Lite, is a much lighter version of Facebook for Android and is based on the mobile browser version, consumes very little internal space on the phone and resource usage is also quite low when browsing.

Therefore , there is also an app called Folio that you can try, since it's a Facebook client that gives you access to all your profile and content, but in a much more lightweight way.

Slow down Facebook on an iPhone

The main reason why Facebook crashes on an iPhone it's because you haven't updated the app. At the beginning we pointed out that the lack of updates was one of the reasons for the lack of performance in this social network, but when it comes to the iPhone it is a problem that rises to the top.

If you want Facebook to work properly on your iPhone, you need to make sure it's up to date. An option that you can consider is to delete the app and then install it from scratch, this will allow you to restart it in case it was installed with some kind of error.

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