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You went to enable Facebook dark mode does not appear?, This undoubtedly can be a chore since practically other applications and services such as Telegram, Google Chrome, Play Store, WhatsApp or Google Map have it. But don't worry, here in The Power Of The Green Android we have the solution, you just have to follow all the steps that we indicate below.

Why doesn't the Dark Mode option appear on Facebook? 2022

The exact reason why dark mode on facebook does not appear can be very diverse. However, the origin of this problem is usually due to the following reasons:

  • The application needs to be updated.
  • You need to update your Android system's Webview to the latest version.
  • You have problems with the application cache.

Se Facebook's dark mode won't appear in 2022, in case one of them doesn't solve your query, just move on to the next one.

Reboot the device

If the Facebook dark theme is not available, the first thing to do is to restart the phone. Yes, it may seem like a very obvious thing but you can't even imagine the problems that can be fixed with a simple restart and you won't waste more than 1 minute of your time.

If after restarting your smartphone you still can't activate Facebook's dark mode, go to the next tip.

Update Facebook to the latest version

Another thing you can do if Facebook doesn't have a dark theme in 2022 is try to update the application to the latest version by following these steps:

  • Go to Play Store > My Apps & Games > Updates.

It is possible that Facebook Dark Mode is not available because you don't have the latest version of the social network application. If it still doesn't work after the update, go to the next tip.

Update WebView to the latest version

In some cases, if you haven't Webview updated to the latest version,  may cause some apps like TikTok, Brawl Stars, Facebook or Gmail to crash. And not only that, it is also possible that it gives you some incompatibilities with some applications such as the lack of dark mode on Facebook. To update it, I recommend you follow the instructions in these 2 tutorials:

  • The Google application has stopped working.
  • MSA is still not working.

Facebook dark mode not showing or not working How do I fix it? 2022

If, after all of the above, you don't know what to do for enable dark mode on Facebook in 2022, it may fail because you need to clear the application cache files. To do this we need to enter the "Settings" of our device.

So let's get into the section «Applications».

Individual Facebook and select it.

We enter this section and go down to the bottom to find «Storage», let's go inside.

Here we will have to do the following:

  1. Let's «Clear the cache».
  2. Let's "Deletes data".

This will leave the factory application as we had it the first time we installed it in our terminal. If a generic message appears warning us that we will lose all data, don't worry, you just have to log in again and that's it.

If you have followed all these tips now dark mode option should be visible on facebook.

And so it was, if after following these steps the black mode will not be available on Facebook in 2022 you can leave me a comment and we will see it together. Don't forget that you can share this article with your friends and family through your social networks, which allows me to continue with this project. Thank you very much!.

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