Facebook Couples NOT WORKING TODAY Solution?

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¿ I Facebook partners don't work today and I don't know why?, Don't worry, the power of Android Green will give you several possible solutions to try to fix this error or not.. know what it is.

What is Facebook Couples and what is it for?

Si could say that the Facebook couples o Facebook Dating are the esca of Mark Zuckerberg's social network. It basically consists of a new Facebook tool which will help us find a partner.

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Why can't I access Facebook Couples?

Posting couples on Facebook is not yet available for everyone as the service is gradually being opened in all countries gradually. For this reason it is possible that you may have problems during the access to the service or you just don't have it available in your country.

Facebook couples not working today 2022 How do I fix it?

It is possible that even if it is available in your country you will have problems accessing the service e facebook couples simply does not open, below we will tell you the possible ones causes and solutions you can use to troubleshoot the connection of this tool to find a free partner.

Facebook couple not showing up?

Se Facebook appointments are not displayed, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • You have seen that in your profile you already have a partner.
  • Facebook Dating is not yet available in your country.

However, below I leave you a video which indicates the steps that we must follow to activate Facebook Dating.

Download the latest version of Facebook

Se Facebook Couples is wrong, it could be because you don't have the latest version of the application installed on your device, here are 3 download links:

  • Android
  • ios

In the case of non have Google Play, you can always download Facebook without Play Store from the following link.

Restart your device

Do you have this tool but can't access it? Have you tried to restart your mobile? Yes, I know what you are thinking but you can't even imagine the number of problems that can be solved by a simple restart, you will not lose anything… Only 1 minute!.

Connection problems

Can't access this tool? You proved you don't have internet connection problems? Try logging in Facebook Dating via various WiFi networks or even from mobile data for rule out that it is not a problem with your Internet provider. I also recommend using an internet speed test to verify that your connection is working properly.

Facebook is down

Facebook Dating Not Working Today? Remember that this tool to find a partner uses Mark Zuckerberg's social network and you may not be able to access it because servers are not available. You can find out if Facebook is down today from the following link.

Problems with the application cache

¿ I Facebook partners are not available today and you need help? This problem could be due to problems with the application cache. For solve it, we just have to follow the steps in this video .

Wasn't that very clear to you? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you step by step.

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To delete the data and the facebook cache, the first thing we have to do is insert «Settings» on device and then «Applications».

So let's single out Facebook and we enter.

In the application information we enter «Storage».

Let's make "Clear data" and "Clear cache" fearlessly, what it does is leave the app as we had it the first time we installed it on our device, solving many problems.

Now we just have to re-enter the application and log in with our account and check if Facebook Couples still doesn't work right now.

You already know i reasons for cui Facebook Dating is not available at this time and how can you try to solve it, if any method worked for you, go ahead and leave a comment, your experience will help other users. Don't forget to share this article with your social networkswould you please help me to go on.. Thank you very much!

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