Facebook Ads - Advertising for your pages, costs and benefits: Guide

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Globally, the social network Facebook is the one with the highest number of added users. Therefore, this network has designed a platform under which its users can show what they sell and advertise. In this way, having so many users on the platform there is a great chance of making sales with advertising or promoting what many people need.

In some cases, if users do not have an updated version of Facebook, they may not have the advertising platform, so it is best that they try to update the latest version of Facebook.

In this case, not only does Facebook have a newer version, Messenger also showed various updates, transparent mode can also be used. All this means that those who live on the social network have the opportunity to insert advertising on Facebook. Here's how to do it.

Advertisements within Facebook

To be able to access it, the main thing is to have a Facebook account, in this case if you don't have it the first step is to create an account. Having the account, it is possible see the ads appearing there. These are promoted by the social network platform. In recent years, this has all served as part of digital sales marketing tools.

All of this has somewhat facilitated the virtual economy that is at the forefront today. Each Facebook user can create from these ads, various campaigns that act as advertising for what they are selling. They are created from videos or images. Some use text-only ads for their campaigns.

As you can see, everyone manages to advertise in the way they feel most comfortable and how it is easier for them. Some like to do sales by groups or with contacts already added on Facebook, from the wall. For this you need to add who you know, one way to add Facebook contacts can be from their mobile number, finding the contact by their number itself.

Advertising on Facebook

The most remarkable thing about the advertising on Facebook is that it can go viral in an instant. From the vast reach and vast mass of people within this network, it is obvious that it reaches a large number of people. In addition to followers, you reach out to their friends and then keep expanding.

- ads within Facebook they can be detailed and segmented on a professional level. All this is sought to find the ideal customer for this advertising carried out. Advertising also has the advantage that it can be launched and reached by many people at a fairly inexpensive level.

The results obtained are noticed in a short time by the mass of people. You can interact with customers in quite amusing ways. You can insert interactive games or even surveys so that customers are attracted by the advertising placed.

Steps to create the ad

First of all we must access the Facebook network platform for companies. In this section you need to click on the ads button. In the ads you just have to enter your personal profile with the usual data. At this point, you will need to enter your billing information and others that Facebook will request.

The network will ask the seller to request exactly in some pop-up lines on the screen, what is the content to advertise. If you carefully choose the most exact form of advertising, there will be more opportunities to go viral and go the distance.

This way, you can effectively create a Facebook advertisement that reaches many people. As for the payment required to be able to place the advertisement, this will vary according to the seller's objectives. The products presented in the sales catalog also vary the price of advertising.

Some of these ads can be $ 10, another $ 25 or there are even ad campaign conversions that can be obtained for the low price of $ 10. All of this will depend on the reach and products placed by the seller on Facebook's social platform.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

In any case, the above information, while true, is somewhat lacking, as there are several payment methods for Facebook ads. For example, the average price per 1.000 impressions is around $ 7,19. If you don't know, impressions refer to the number of times your ads will show on other people's profiles.

When we talk about ten, twenty-five or the like, we mean the total cost of an average advertising campaign. Pricing above, $ 25 should reach for about 3.400 impressions, which is a decent reach if you want your product / post to be seen.

How can I pay for advertising?

One of the things that characterize the Facebook platform is that it has support for multiple payment methods. You can pay in the classic way, that is with credit cards, in fact some institutions allow payment by debit. Some countries even have offices to make payments locally and we finally have maybe the most convenient method, PayPal.

What marketing goals can I achieve with Facebook Ads?

Advertising isn't simply expanding your reach. It is indeed advisable to set marketing goals for achieve success more easily. That said, we will point out the most common proposals or goals with Facebook Ads.


The recognition campaigns are the basis of advertising on Facebook Ads. That is, they are the ones that are widely viewed by many users. The detail of this goal is that it's not focused on attracting people interested in your product. Instead, it is the most basic advertising, which simply seeks to expand the reach.


Through Facebook Ads you can create sizable campaigns. The goal of this campaign is to get people they begin to see you as a valid prospect. This type of campaign is particularly useful for grabbing the attention of people who already know you or who are looking for a niche or similar to the one you offer.


The goal of conversion campaigns is get valuable interactions for your website. In turn, you can choose the place where these conversions will be made, that is the application, such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook itself. This allows you to have good control when advertising.

How to suspend a Facebook Ads advertising campaign

The first thing is to enter the account in which you have your Facebook ads. Next, go to the "Facebook Ads Manager" section. Click on the advertisement you want to delete. The trash icon will appear, you need to press there. After clicking on the trash can, confirm your action and you will have actually removed the ad.

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