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There are many occasions when we prefer to have audio rather than video, so it can be convenient to extract the audio. It might seem like a complicated process, but the truth is that a lot can be done easily, read carefully.

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In what situations is it convenient to extract audio and video

Audiovisual content is everywhere, platforms like Netflix o YouTube they take up most of the time of many people. In any case, it is like a person who wants to extract audio from some audiovisual content, such as a music video or a Podcast.

Extract audio from a music video

Undoubtedly one of the situations in which it is useful to extract the audio from a video it's with a music video or concert. It is one of the most common situations where this procedure can be very useful, it should be noted that you can easily do it with instruments appropriate.

Extract audio from a podcast

Podcasts are very popular today, many of them are uploaded as videos, but many times we want alone listen to the audio. This can be very useful to save it on our mobiles, as if it came from Spotify.

Regardless of why you want to extract the audio from a video, keep in mind that this is a process simple and here we will show you the easiest way to do it.

Extract audio from video quickly and easily - Extract audio from your videos

There are several methods to extract audio from a video, but this time we will show you one of the simplest that exist. For this we will use the VLC tool, a program of reproduction video and audio a lot popular.

Extract audio from video with VLC (MAC)

  • The first thing you should do is open the VLC, once the program is open go to the File tab, inside the file you will have to locate the option Convert / output.
  • In the upper area, drag the video you want to convert.
  • In the second option you have to select profile, this is where you will choose the video format.
  • In the last option you have to choose the destination, for this select Save as file, click Browse, there you will name the audio and choose the location. Next, click Save and the extracted audio will be saved in the selected folder.

Extract audio from video with VLC (Windows)

  1. The first step is open the VLC program. Once you're in it, locate the card Media.
  2. When you press Medium, an option will appear almost at the end, we mean Convert, click on it.
  3. The conversion tab will appear, being inside the file, select the option Add. Find the video you want to extract audio from and click You open.
  4. Once the video is selected, do click on the option Convert - Save.
  5. The screen to select the conversion format will appear, select the one that seems most convenient to you.
  6. Now click Browse to select the folder where you want to save the audio and finally click Save.
    The last step is to click Start.
  7. La conversion will have Start. Once finished you will be able to access your extracted audio file, to do so go to the previously selected folder. Best of all, you can use this program as the default player on your PC.
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