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Google Maps, which celebrated its 15th anniversary weeks ago with a change of logo and new functions, continue to incorporate new features to enhance the user experience, such as show traffic lights on its maps. However, the popular application has a number of tricks with which to get the best out of it, and today we propose one that everyone should try.

The Mountain View company now uses Live View to calibrate location, a little trick not many users were aware of. Therefore, users can now use Augmented Reality Live View to calibrate their current position in an easier way. The big G thinks that “it GPS not up to par « in dense environments where there is a lot of interference with buildings, as reported by 9to5google. The solution take advantage of your cell phone camera and years of Street View data to visually determine the exact place where a person is.

Google Maps continues to be one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

So now, when the user launches Live View, the app first asks for buildings, street signs and their surroundings to help Google Maps know which way this person is looking. Traditionally a compass is used for that, and moving the phone to a figure of "an 8" worked to get the current position calibrated, although it can be a bit awkward. That's why this new option exists.

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Google Maps now allows you to calibrate your location using Live View

Google Maps now allows you to calibrate your location using Live View to improve the accuracy of the maps application's well-known blue dot, which marks the current location of person using the application. Tapping the blue circle will open a new full screen menu with the option "Calibrate with Live View" just below the "Save parking" option, as you can see in the image below these lines.

Clicking on the new option will open the same camera user interface used by Live View and the user will only be left to move the phone towards their surroundings to see road signs or buildings, among other elements. Soon after, Google Maps manages to precisely calibrate the location. Without a doubt, a little trick that could get more than one out of a traffic jam as long as they are totally lost and out of place.

Google Maps allows you to calibrate the location using Live View.

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