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The truth is that one of the things that often complicates life when using different online services is that they are in another language that is not mastered or that they are not in our beloved Italian language. Well, this is the situation experienced by some Twitter users wondering how to enter Twitter in Italian and without problems? This way you can use your account or profile created on Twitter without language barriers. Well, in Practical Resources we want to offer a guide to all those who have this little problem so that they can access Twitter correctly in the Italian language on their PC or computer or mobile.

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How to enter Twitter in Italian | 2 options

Before describing the ultimate guide, I want to first give you 2 options that can be very valuable and solve this mess of wanting to enter twitter in Italian and then you can get out of trouble or have other options to solve the language problem on twitter and What are the following.

  • If you are using a desktop or computer to access Twitter, then you can change the language on the Twitter home page and to do so, access Twitter as you always do (using the search engine or with the URL) and then on the cover, they will click on the text that says «Language: Italian / Language: English» or in the language in which it is and that they will be able to display it in the upper right corner of the screen with it, a menu will appear where all the languages ​​​​appear and simply, it will be sufficient to search for the Italian language and select it with a click so that Twitter is uploaded in Italian and can enter Twitter in Italian.

  • If you are using Twitter app on your mobile and you have this language problem which cannot be fixed by anything then it is possible that you have downloaded the respective App Store application from your mobile device in English or other language and because of this reason, This problem cannot be solved and what you should do is uninstall it and then go to the Italian App Store that corresponds to your mobile device to solve the root problem.

Well, if these two options have not been what you expected, I proceed to explain the procedure for configuring the language from your Twitter accounts and then you can enter Tiwtter in Italian without buts or problems.

Enter Twitter in Italian | Step 1

The first step is to log in or enter their Twitter account as usual, i.e. they must enter their phone number, email or username and password in the corresponding boxes and then click on the «Login/Login«. or in the language in which it is so, to be able to enter Twitter.

At this point, they must click on their profile icon which is, at the top right and is called «Profile & Setup / Profile & Settings» or, in the language in which it is and with it, a menu with different options will appear and they will click on the option that says «Settings and privacy / Settings and privacy» or in the language in which it is and to be oriented, you can see the attached image where this option is located in all languages.

Enter Twitter in Italian | Step 2

With the previous step given, open the configuration area of ​​your Twitter account specifically, in the section «Account/Account» or in the language in which it is located itself.

So now they have to change the option «Lingua / Lingua» or I insist, in the language in which they have it and that is the third option from top to bottom, they click on this box so that a bar with all the languages ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbthe Twitter service is currently in, then, they search for the Italian language and select it with a click to finally save the changes by clicking one last time on «Save changes / Save changes» which you will find in the most below or below the section «Account» where they are.

With the previous action a central window will appear where they will be asked to enter the password of their Twitter account and then click on the « buttonSave changes / Save changes» to proceed with the language change to Italian in their Twitter account.

Congratulations! With the previous click, the Twitter page you are currently on will be reloaded, i.e. in «Account / Account" but this time everything will be in Italian in your Twitter account and from now on you won't have those problems that you might have generating language barriers in a Twitter account.

Finally, the procedure on how to enter Twitter in Italian and not die trying has been clarified, as unfortunately can happen to more than one user who, in fact, has had these problems that undermine or limit the use that can be made of Twitter.

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