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Certainly, one of the drawbacks that can limit or limit us more when we use an online service is that for some strange reason it is not in our beloved Italian language, thus causing us the respective annoyances or annoyances of the case but also, a limited use of this service that we want use in Italian.

Well, this situation on Facebook usually happens to a considerable number of users who for some reason have to face this language barrier and for this we have prepared a practical salvation guide with 5 possible solutions in this article, called how to enter my Facebook in Italian without problems or inconveniences so they can get out of this mess. By the way, review all of them so that you can choose the one you like best or serve you according to your problem.

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Enter my Facebook in Italian | Solution no. 1: Set the country in the browser

The first big solution will allow you to enter Facebook in Italian without any problem and only by configuring the Google search engine, this solution is very useful if you are in another country where another language is spoken and/or you use a computer or mobile phone that is not yours.

Well, for this solution via the web, it is necessary to open the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or other) and basically load the Google search engine. Then, once the Google search engine loads, they have to click on the option that says «Pref Renze» which they will find in the lower right part of the screen and which will certainly be written in the language of the country in which they are located and with which To do this, a menu will appear and you will click on «Search configuration» and which, of course, will be in the language of the country where they are located.

This will load the page «Search configuration» and you will see in the last option, an entry named «Region configuration» (in the language of the country you are in) will display it completely with a click, in «Show more» (in the language of the country where they are located).

So this item will show up and you will be able to see all the countries so here they will search for your country of birth or just speak Italian and cross out or mark the circle before that country and after you do that click on the blue button that He says "Save» (in my language) whose button is under the countries.

A small central window will open where you will be informed that your preference has been saved and then, all you have to do is click on the «Accept«, which will be in the language of the country you are in.

Hey! The previous procedure will load the Google search engine again, but this time the Google search engine of the country that was previously chosen and which you can verify by seeing which country appears in the lower left corner of the Google search engine.

Now all that remains is to write «Facebook» in the search box and then click «Submit»Or«Search» so that the result is displayed in Italian and they click on the correct result and with it, abran was able to enter Facebook in Italian.

Note no. 1 | If the device (PC or mobile phone) is not yours, it is recommended after using it to reset the language to the country where it was.

Enter my Facebook in Italian | Solution no. 2: Set the language on the Facebook cover

This other solution will allow you to answer your concern about how to access my Facebook in English in a much simpler way and » without touching anything «. That is, without changing anything about the device they use (PC or mobile) or the browser, as was the previous solution.

To do this, they will access Facebook via the web by typing «Facebook» in the search box and then clicking «Submit»Or«Search» so that the results are loaded and they will click on the corresponding Facebook result and with it, they will access the Facebook cover in a language other than Italian.

So now, they'll scroll down or down the right sidebar to see the Facebook footer and they may notice something, which usually goes unnoticed by many users, involving the ability to configure the language in which it is presented.Facebook. Well, you will be able to see a horizontal section in the footer where you will be able to see some language options and if it appears, the Italian language, so, click on this option and the Facebook page will be loaded in Italian and if it does not appear among the options, they will click on the «+«.

With this, a central window will open in which the different languages ​​in which Facebook is located will appear and a click will be enough, on the option in Italian so that in this way the Facebook page in Italian is loaded and therefore, they can log in or join Facebook in Italian without problems.

Enter my Facebook in Italian | Solution no. Mistake #3: Using Country Facebook URL

Another solution, which allows you to access Facebook in Italian correctly and without major inconvenience, moreover, in a much simpler or simpler way than the previous solutions described, uses the Facebook URL to enter and simply consists in the following.

They have to open the browser they use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or other) and write the Facebook URL completely and correctly in the address bar of the browser they are using, but for this they will use the URL with a specific territory extension and click on «Submit»Or«Plan your trip» to load the Facebook page. In other words, I mean, if you are Latin American or Italian, you can write «www.facebook.es» in the browser address bar and then click on «Submit»Or«Plan your trip» as prompted, and then load the page. Facebook cover in this language and can easily access Facebook in Italian.

Enter Facebook in Italian | Solution no. 4: Settings in Facebook timeline

If the previous solutions were not able to solve the language problem then, it will be necessary to do it from within Facebook and to do so, you can use this option which allows you to do it from your Facebook timeline and which consists of the following.

First, they will access the Facebook cover which is presented in that other language and will start the session on Facebook by entering their name or telephone number and password in the corresponding fields or boxes and, subsequently, clicking on the «Start session» (Login in English) to access your Facebook account timeline or login page.

The Facebook timeline page consists of 3 columns of content, the one on the left; which has the Messenger, direct and other accesses, the central one; with the publications of friends, groups and pages and finally the one on the right; with the pages they have, the ones they suggest, the people they might know and underneath, a box of languages ​​that will be useful for that.

So to see this language box, the right sidebar or mouse scroll will go down and shortly after going down, you will find this box, then here you can select the Italian language with a click if it appears in the options or in Failure which, they will click on the icon «+» so that a central page opens in which all the languages ​​in which Facebook is present are displayed and therefore they will search for Italian and click on it, the timeline will load your Facebook in Italian and that's it.

Enter my Facebook in Italian | Solution no. 5: Facebook account settings

Another excellent option that allows a solution to the doubt about like sign in or login to my Facebook in Italian, it is to do it from the configuration of your Facebook account and even if it is in another language not understood, the location of the options where they must enter are fortunately, in the same place in all languages, so follow the images.

The first thing you need to do is access the Facebook cover which is in another language and then log in with your account details (email or phone and the respective password).

With the above, they will reach their Facebook timeline and now, they will click on the top menu (triangle icon) so that this will open a menu and then they will click on the option «Configuration» which will be written, in the language in which they have their Facebook.

With this, the general configuration page of your Facebook account will load and therefore now, you will click on the option «Language» (language in English) which is located in the left sidebar options and which, of course, will be written in the language in which they do not want their Facebook.

It will now appear in the section «Language settings of your Facebook account» and to change it, they will click on «Modification» (English change) of the first question.

A box will appear and when you click on it, a menu will appear with all the languages ​​​​that Facebook is in and then here they will look for the Italian language, select it with a click and after that click on the blue button that says «Save Changes» (Save changes in English) and with it, this Facebook page will load again but this time, in the chosen Italian language and in this way, they will be able to use Facebook in Italian.

Finally, these are the solutions you can use when you want to know how to enter my facebook in italian and not in another language. Now, if you are using the Facebook app on your mobile phones and none of these solutions gave you an answer, then it is possible that the app is in another language, so we recommend that you uninstall it and go to the Italian store of your respective mobile device, download and run it.

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