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However, there is another messaging application that is becoming very well known among young people and is also used for business purposes, we are talking about Telegram.

What is the Telegram messaging app about?

Telegram is a messaging application and platform whose purpose is to make it easier for people send messages instantly to other users, as well as send large files, videos and images.

Telegram offers several functions regarding the sending of messages or files of any type, allowing archiving of messages in the cloud, (in case you want to hide them), timed deletion and offers a keyword search action.

One of the most curious functions of Telegram is that of being able to facilitate certain tasks through the use of Bot, which can be created by the user simply by adding a conversation that bears the name of a Bot, also allowing you to download music for free using the same app.

If you are interested in being part of the Telegram community but don't know how to get started, don't worry, in this article we will show you how to create an account and quickly access Telegram.

How to create an account and access Telegram from my iPhone or Android mobile

Note that said messaging platform or application can be used on both yours Smartphone Android o iOS that on your computer simply by downloading it, but to start using the Telegram platform we need to create an account, then we will show you a series of steps to create an account in Telegram.

How to create a Telegram account on Android

The Telegram application was initially developed for mobile devices, so downloading it will be a really simple operation, you simply have to search for it from the Official Google Play Store and download it through it, then follow the steps below to create an invoice:

  1. Once the Telegram application is installed on your device, find it in the App section and press on it to start it
  2. After opening it, a welcome message from Telegram will appear, click on the button "Start" to start the account creation process
  3. You will have to enter a series of data about yourself that the platform will ask you, such as the country where you reside, the post code and your telephone number
  4. After entering this data, Telegram will send a verification message to phone number you entered in the previous option, upon receiving the message with the verification code you will have to enter it in the box shown on the platform (sometimes the application detects that the message has been received on the device and verifies automatically)
  5. Subsequently, Telegram will be sent to the home screen of the application so you will have created your Telegram account, now you just have to write to your friends who also use this platform to start having conversations on Telegram.

How to create a Telegram account on iOS

If you have an iPhone device and want to have Telegram, don't worry as this application is also available for these devices, follow the steps below to create a Telegram account on your iPhone device:

  1. After installing the application via App Store, you will need to find it on the last home page and then open it
  2. Click the button "Start" that appears on the application welcome screen.
  3. Then enter your personal details and your location such as the country where you reside, the postcode of your area and your phone number
  4. Subsequently, the application will send a verification message al number entered previously
  5. When you receive the message with this code you will have to enter it in the box that the screen shows
  6. After entering it, the application will direct you to the home page where the contacts are located
  7. At this point you will have created your account.

What are the benefits of using instant messaging on your mobile?

  • Telegram does not have a limit of people , its group capacity is not limited, plus one advantage of Telegram is that you don't have to add a phone number.
  • In telegram you can share files from 1,5 GB , it is a very important advantage for its users, as in this way the complete videos can be sent without having to cut them. 
  • Telegram allows you to fully customize the application, as it has a variety of themes and colors for both conversations and groups. 

How can I get my Telegram account back if I don't have my mobile phone?

You cannot necessarily recover your Telegram account with your mobile, otherwise you can also do it through your email, you just have to follow the following steps: You have to enter your account and click where it says "Did you forget your password"  and go To choose the option to recover your password by mail, a code will be sent to you immediately, it may take a few minutes, you just have to wait, just enter the code you received and voila, you will be able to enter your account.

How do I activate my Telegram account if I don't have a code

As you know, Telegram has types of clients or users including computers, they don't need to have one SIMs. with their number but to activate their account but if they need a nearby mobile phone to register, since you have to register to be able to log in, you can use a number and it does not matter if you are using it on the same device you are logging in , at the time of writing for you to log in, telegram will send you a start code as a chat within telegram in this way it is not necessary to have the device nearby but to have one with the session started to log in with the code.

However, if you don't have a device nearby with the session started, you can also request that the code be sent to you via SMS , in this case if you need to have a mobile with the phone number you registered so that it will get you the startup code, once this is completed; your session is started until you want to close it and this way you no longer have to worry about having a mobile phone nearby.

Apps that work like Telegram and that you can use on Android or iPhone

Today with the advancement of technology many more applications have been created that allow you to communicate as it does telegram , here we show you some.

WhatsApp: simple user interface

One of the best known or most used today is Whatsapp, which is a messaging application for all smartphones, send messages and you can receive them via an internet connection, as well as share pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, locations, documents, contacts a variety of things, you can make calls and video calls with multiple users simultaneously, among many other functions. WhatsApp is automatically integrated into your address book, which differentiates it from others since you don't need to enter codes or passwords to access it.

Line - Japan's favorite app

We also have LINE, too this is an instant messaging application that you can use on your phone, PC or Mac, in addition to offering you basic messages you can also send and receive images, videos, audio and make calls, this is very recognized for its stickers since they have replaced traditional icons.

Hangouts: Google's built-in app

Now we will talk about Hangouts, which is a tool that Google offers you and is associated with our Gmail account to make group calls and video calls. Videoconferencing allows you to participate up to a maximum of 10 users at a time, you can also broadcast videos that will allow you to reach an unlimited number of people, Hangouts has no time limits to use it, you just need your Gmail account, your camera and microphone.

Messenger: Facebook messages

Last but not least is the app Messenger launched by the social network Facebook, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, it allows you to chat with your Facebook contacts, with this app you can have more conversations at your fingertips without having to log into your Facebook account as such, it allows you to send messages, photos, videos and voice notes to your friends, among other things.

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