Easily copy and paste text on iPad or iPhone?

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If you've ever performed the "copy and paste" option on a computer regardless of its operating system, you know the classic command: «Control + C» and «Control + V».

Conversely, for mobile devices or "Smartphones", the process differs in its entirety. However, it is available to anyone and just a few taps on the screen.

Clarifications to easily copy and paste text on iPad or iPhone

This " trick »Can be used regardless of the iOS device the user has, much less if the software has not been updated recently. You can split the iPad screen to make it easier to find what you want to copy and paste.

It is a function that any operating system has no matter what platform it is run on and in this particular case, copying and pasting text on the iPad or iPhone is easily an option that has been implemented for a long time.

As a clarification, not all texts can be copied, hence the emphasis that "almost everything" is within the reach of the option. There is the scenario of the documents of type text " PDF ”That, unless you have a specific application, the iOS device cannot easily manipulate it.


On the other hand, anything outside of that example, i.e. common text documents, paragraphs of web pages with relevant information, messages on any platform, among others, can be copied and later pasted without any difficulty.

Step by step to copy and paste text on iPad or iPhone

First of all, to easily copy and paste text on iPad or iPhone, you need to choose the text you want to copy, from a simple sentence or phrase to a complete paragraph or a message from a friend. Place your finger on the chosen text and keep the action in progress for a few seconds. You can increase the text or font size on the iPad or iPhone for convenience.

Subsequently a window will appear that acts as a sort of magnifying glass, enlarging the area and allowing you to better identify the words to be selected for copying. Similarly, next to the "magnifying glass", a flashing cursor will appear that you can move if the position you initially chose was not the one indicated.

When you lift your finger and stop pressing, a new menu of options will appear from left to right. Press "Select" or "Select" depending on the language you use on your device. You can decide to press "Select all" or "Select all" if you want all the text in question to be highlighted for copying.

The operating system also offers a "Search" option to determine the meaning of an unknown word. After you have done this successfully, proceed to press "Copy" or "Copy" so that the previously selected text is copied to the clipboard.

Now do the following to finish ...

So go to where you want to paste the message, whether it's a different part of an under construction document or a whole new one, and also switch it between chat rooms if that's the case.


Press with your finger to open the drop-down menu again. Only then, press «Paste» or «Paste» in so that the selected text appears as if by magic in the place you have determined. In case you are on a keyless device, you can also choose to connect a wired keyboard to my iPad (for example), so that the process is even easier.

You've learned how to easily copy and paste text on an iPad or iPhone. Did you see that the procedure is simple? Put it into practice and be amazed by the incredible results. As a final tip you should but

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