Drops on Twitch: How to make money by watching videos on Twitch

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Twitch is the ultimate platform for streaming video games and other categories. Thanks to Twitch we can earn rewards called Drops, that we can earn by watching videos of our favorite streamers and so you can win them and get all the prizes you want.

I Drops are a reward you get after watching a streamer for a certain amount of time, you can also get Drops by completing missions that the active campaign allows you to win through different steps that we will have to do.

Subsequently, we will tell you everything you need to be able to get all the Drops you want on Twitch as long as they are active, as there may be campaigns where you will not be able to win anything because they are not in effect.

First of all, you'll need to know how to search for channels from streamers who have Drops enabled on their stream so you have a chance to win them. First, look for the label «Drops activated», right now you will be able to see any channel with active Drops.

Earn Drops based on time

Time-based Drops are the easiest to get as they are the ones that are obtained with viewing hours reached. Each channel has its own requirements to drop Drops, and the same rewards campaign can have different streamers.

To know the times requested by each streamer, you will need to access their live broadcasts and a message will appear in the chat area letting you know that there are active Drops and a button to see more information.

to win Drops you will need to log in to Twitch and also have the game account linked to the Twitch account so that it is in sync and then you can get the in-game Drops.

Timed Drops can be tracked by you i.e. you can check the time status you have seen the streamer offering Drops, also you can only have access to one campaign to get Drops. The status of Drops can be seen from your Twitch dashboard.

Time drops are stored, ie you will be able to watch different streamers who have the same active Drops campaign and you will be able to watch more live broadcasts of the same Drops for accumulate hours watched.

Earn Drops based on missions

As we said before, mission-based drops are a little harder to getWhile the rewards are generally better than time-based drops, mission-based drops usually require you to complete several tasks to qualify.

Most of the time these Drops are triggered during the live stream, i.e. the streamer activates the Drop mission when he wants and at that moment, if the mission is completed, you can ask for your reward and thus win the active Drops.

See all Drops won on Twitch

From the Drops inventory page you will be able to see all the Drops you have earned and how you obtained them, you will also have the possibility to link the game account even if you have already obtained the Drops, which is very advantageous since you will be able to have multiple Drops of the same game and they will all be added when you link your game and Twitch accounts.

From the following link you can access your Drops inventory page and then check all the ones you have won so far and the time limit you have to activate them in the game.

Web: Twitch Drops Inventario

Furthermore, you can also check all active campaigns and where you can see the games in which you can activate Drops when you are watching the streamer of your choice.

Web: Campagne Active Drops

È so that you can get Twitch Drops while watching videos on Twitch of your favorite streamers or maybe you might find channels you like on other topics and who knows you end up paying for a subscription now that it's cheaper.

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