Downloading videos from YouTube legally is already possible: here we explain how

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Downloading videos from YouTube legally is now possible and it is one thing that all the users have been waiting for for a long time, to put aside the use of unofficial web pages and applications and that endanger the privacy and security of mobile phones and computers by using them to illegally download a video.

Users use services to download YouTube videos when they don't have a good internet connection and when they want to play through devices that do not have a data connection and that limits the ability to watch content with quality playback using a mobile network for it, then having it locally is an ideal action that will allow you to play with maximum possible resolution.

Official downloads on YouTube, for now in test mode

Although the news of the incorporation of YouTube video downloads has spread, the truth is that for now, this is an experimental feature for YouTube Premium subscribers in India and France, although it may be available in other locations as well.

Anyone interested in testing the new feature can enter the site and then consult the Labs page once logged in, if it is compatible with the test you will see a screen telling you that your browser is compatible and you can try now.

The procedure for downloading videos on YouTube is quite simple, all you have to do is go to the content you want to download and once you're there, you just have to go to the toolbar under the title, where you will find a download button.

Downloaded videos can be played at «», available via the side navigation panel. This tool will work fine on Windows, MacOS, and Chrome OS. The experimental feature will end its initial test on October 19.

You can choose to download videos in different quality types, up to 1080p which is the maximum possible, you can also delete all your local downloads from your browser's cache with one button.

Via: AndroidPolice

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