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Apple held the long-awaited WWDC20 keynote Monday, June 22, which was held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. An event in which the company of the bitten apple unveiled, among other things, the new version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 14, that arrives full of novelty and that our colleagues iPadízate explain to you how to install beta on your iPhone or iPad step by step. What you don't need a tutorial for is download iOS 14 wallpapers with which to make your Android phone look like an iPhone.

Among the novelties of iOS 14, such as the arrival of widgets on the home screens, the arrival of new wallpapers which are included in the launch of the new version of Apple's operating system, and that now you can download to bring your android device to life. In total there are six different versions that you can download to your smartphone without having to install the developer beta on your device. Some images that were obtained from the Twitter account of the Italian media iSpazio and that we show you below.

IOS 14 wallpapers can now be downloaded completely free of charge.

As usual, all operating systems have their own stock wallpapers. In the case of iOS 14 come new wallpapers currently available for beta users, which can only be accessed by registered developers and those who have signed up for the public beta program. The Italian press shared with all new wallpapers of the new version of Apple's operating system, which you can see and download below.

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Dress up your Android like an iPhone with iOS 14 wallpapers

As you can see, the new iOS 14 iPhone wallpapers come in three versions, and each of them has its own dark variant. In total there are six backgrounds downloadable of the new version of the Apple operating system: orange, purple, blue and lime green, dark red and black. Without a doubt, downloading these images is a good way to wait for the official arrival of iOS 14.

Also, if you have an Android device you can too download and install these wallpapers to make your phone look like a company terminal with a bitten apple. And if you like to customize your smartphone with different backgrounds, and specifically some related to the world of video games, do not miss the opportunity to get these wallpapers of Assassin's Creed Valhalla for your phone.

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