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OPPO has recently officially presented ColorOS 11, its new operating system that offers great customization and multiple features. A week later, users of any mobile device can now download the Live Wallpapers from OPPO and ColorOS.

These new wallpapers can be downloaded thanks to XDA and installed on any Android mobile. Some live images extracted from ColorOS7 and compatible with any smartphone with Google operating system, specifically with Android 8.0 Oreo and later.

Some of the animated wallpapers of OPPO and ColorOS.

These wallpapers were divided into six separate packages including 'Day & Night', 'Flowing Smoke', 'Flow of Light', 'Organic', 'Moon' and 'Smoke'. In addition, it should be noted that each package contains a couple of live wallpapers that offer different variations of animations and colors. For example, the first of these six packs, the 'Day and Night' pack, contains three animated wallpapers with different representations of day and night, as the name suggests.

Live wallpapers can be downloaded to any android mobile

Some backgrounds that, this time, they change color according to the current time of day and have some animated elements. For its part, the «Flow of Light» package contains an animated wallpaper that changes color slowly over time; while the "Flowing Smoke" package includes a background it generates a colorful ball of flowing smoke when the screen is touched and that it moves as you slide your finger over it, also changing its colors with the movement.

For its part, the 'Organic' package consists of four animated wallpapers with different color variations and shapes that move when interacting with the phone. The «Moon» package includes wallpapers that react to the orientation of the device and finally, the "Smoke" pack includes four animated wallpapers with different color variations.

Additionally, three of them also have animations that trigger when you slide your finger across the screen. You can download the wallpaper packs directly on the button located below these lines.

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