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Instagram is free and you can download the latest version from the different sites that we will list below, so you can always enjoy the most up-to-date version possible which may include new features, fixes and improvements that the previous version does not have.

It is necessary and essential to have Instagram updated, not only to have the latest features added, but also because very important security fixes are added with each new update to protect you from security issues.

Although Instagram updates automatically on mobile devices, you should check every few days if there is a new version, if so, you should install it, so you will always have the latest version available. Right now Instagram is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Download Instagram for iOS

If you have an iPhone, all you need to do to download Instagram free is to enter the App Store and type "Instagram" in the search box. If you have already installed it you have the possibility to update it if there is a new version, if you don't have it you can download it.

Anyway, we leave you the link all’app Instagram per iOS in so that you can easily download it if you don't want to follow the previous steps:

Download Instagram for Android

If you must have the latest version of Instagram in case you have an Android mobile device, you just have to go to the Google Play Store, search for Instagram and download the app, this is also free. If you don't want to follow these steps, we leave you the link just below:

Download Instagram for Windows 10

Instagram has an official application for Windows 10, then you can access your profile, view Instagram stories and perform other types of tasks as you would in the mobile app. To get this utility, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows + Q keys, type "store" and access the "Microsoft Store" option.
  2. Once inside, go to the search engine and search for «Instagram».
  3. Click on the first app that appears, which in this case has the Instagram icon in blue, or the official utility, and then you can download it.

Anyway, we leave you the link just below:

If you don't want to download, use the web

Although Instagram is an application that makes much more sense to use on mobile devices, the truth is that you can use Instagram on your computer with the app that we have indicated above or you also have another possibility, use Instagram on the web.

You won't have to download anything, which is a plus, and you'll be able to see posts, Instagram stories of people you follow, and more. You just have to access the site and enter your data to log in.

Website: Instagram

Depending on the device you own, you can download Instagram from one site or another, always totally free and at no cost to you. Remember to register with the social network if you don't have an account yet to enjoy all the options that Instagram offers you.

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