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Instagram is one of the best social networks in the world, being so known by millions of users around the world. The application has more than 700 million active users on the platform.

The same users enjoy all the amazing tools that the application offers us. From uploading your images or videos to the post, to making the famous live; Upload stories that last up to 24 hours with the best filters and effects to decorate your photos.

One of the best tools is that the platform has a instant messaging system, then you can chat with the people you want, users and accounts from all over the world.

How to disable the new Messenger and Instagram merge feature

The option to merge Instagram and Facebook Messenger messages is great when you can only be in one application and that's it, but just as many users love this merger, there are many people who don't like it, or they have tried it and this is they don't want it anymore.

This is common when a person wants to deactivate their Facebook account or simply doesn't want to use either AP anymore. Then we will explain step by step how to unlink messages between both platforms.

Many people are looking for a way to disable this option, as many users did not like this new tool. Being able to remove this feature is very simple.

The first thing you should do is enter your Instagram account, go to yours profile or in the section of your publications. Select the three strips located in the upper right corner of the screen, different options will appear, but you have to click on "Settings"

A window will appear in which several sections appear, select «Privacy» and then click "Messages" and lots of options will appear that you can change, but we'll go in where it says "Facebook friends or people you chatted with in Messenger" then select "Do not receive requests".

Once done, click on the arrow to go back and select "Friends of friends on Facebook" and click on «Do not receive requests». Exit and go to option "Other people on Facebook" and we do the same step as the previous times, select «Do not receive requests» and that's it.

With all these options you will not only stop receiving messenger messages, but in this way we will disable all notifications coming from this App.

Update your apps to the latest version

A very important aspect that you cannot ignore is that in order to disable the Messenger and Instagram merging feature, it is important to have both platforms with their latest versions. Since in this way the best functioning of the same is guaranteed.

Why has Facebook unified Messenger messaging with Instagram?

Both are instant messaging applications with millions of users. Facebook in one of its updates has formalized the new integration of both platforms with which you can talk to your "friends" and "followers" from one of the two applications, be it Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

Facebook, in fact, has been working for some time with the messaging systems of its applications, be it Instagram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and little by little it is trying to improve the experience within each of the applications, in order to make its operation more pleasant.

Now that you can connect and join your messaging system with Instagram and Facebook Messenger, there was also the option to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook, so it's easier and you don't have to log into each of the applications to upload it. This is one of the novelties that leaves many users amazed, since in this way you can have everything in one, you can review and reply to messages without having to stay between applications.

The best thing about being able to connect Facebook and Instagram is that messaging will not only appear other users' messages and now, if not that it is a change of the whole system. This refers to the fact that all tools and operations of both applications are within the same.

Many of the options that both applications offer us are that we can converse via text messages, make video calls, the use of temporary messages is available, the famous stickers, emojis, gifs and animated messages and the forwarding and replies of personalized messages (individually) in group or regular chats.

Advantages of using Facebook Messenger

If you want to join the Facebook Messenger community, you need to know all the benefits that this brings. One of the main ones is that thanks to this application the attention is focused only on messages; a very important factor when what you want is to talk to a group of people without the need for Facebook notifications to bother you. Likewise, you have the possibility to synchronize the contacts of both your mobile and Gmail, a point in favor of this App.

Other than that, Facebook Messenger will give you permette also to share your location with whoever you want through the inbox of the App. While privacy will always be at your disposal, because if you want to appear offline, you can do it via a simple button; without forgetting that you can continue to see who is online and who is not.

Another benefit of using Facebook Messenger is that you can take instant photos without having to open the camera from your mobile phone options. Not forgetting that you can access the profile photo of your contacts and even save them if you want.

How to start using Instagram Direct

If you want to start enjoying all the features of Instagram, you can start streaming live video. To comply with this, you just have to go to the icon to the left of the Feed and then locate the option that says Live; From there, a list of controls will appear, which is where you can select who can see you and how the live video will be shared.

Once you've selected your audience, you'll need to hit the button that says Live, which means you can start recording live. It is worth noting that you can see and reply to comments from your followers and your video will be active on the platform for at least 24 hours.

Features you can use on Instagram and Messenger

If you want to live one new experience through Instagram and Messenger, you cannot miss the functions that these platforms offer us. In this section we indicate the most important ones so that you are aware of each of them.

Add stickers to your conversations

This is one of the new features that can be used on Instagram and Messenger. These are very original stickers which they can be added in conversations; this is to give a funny or humorous touch to every chat. You can choose from hundreds of templates available to spend long hours of fun talking to your friends.

Self-destruction of the message

Another good option that Facebook and Messenger offer us is the self-destruction of messages; which means you can program this alternative so that when a message is sent in a certain chat, it self-destructs so that it is deleted as soon as the other person reads it. This avoids inconveniences such as someone taking a capture and showing it to another person.

Customize your emojis

Emoji customization consists in making the changes you want to show them to your friends; So with this option, you can even take pictures of your face and customize it to send as an emoji in chats. A very innovative alternative that has not so far been seen in other applications, such as WhatsApp.

Chat di Color Messenger

In this case, the platform offers us the possibility of customize the color of each of the chats that you have stored in Messenger. Thanks to this, it is possible to give a more personalized and different touch to the conversations you have with your acquaintances and loved ones.

Check the privacy of your chats

Last but not least, the new features of Facebook and Messenger allow you the maximum privacy in each of your chats. In this way you can select who can contact you via instant messaging; You also have the option to block whoever you want and ignore a specific group of contacts in case you don't want them to disturb you.

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