Differences between PLC and WiFi adapter: which is the best for boosting the internet signal?

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PLC: fast navigation on cables

The English term Power Line Communications (PLC) refers to a technological tool that has become very popular today. It uses lines that conduct electricity make communication signals travel through them. That is, it uses them as high-speed digital data transmission tracks to give us access to the Internet through broadband.

Therefore, very conveniently we can install a PLC network to have a Wi-Fi connection in our house, which has its own electrical network established, surfing the Internet since it serves as a platform for the circulation of data. To achieve this, PLCs have a receiver (captures the signal from the router) and a transmitter that decode data arriving at a frequency of 2 and 4 MHz.

We can connect another device that acts as a PLC extender anywhere in the home electrical network. This will allow us to access the Internet in that place, via an Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. We also have the possibility to connect multiple extenders distributed in specific points of the house.

The Wifi adapter: Internet accessibility by wireless means

These devices will allow us to capture signals from wireless networks and distribute them to distant areas from the main receiving point, which is our router, which must be placed in the best possible place. In this way we can expand the existing Internet coverage in our home or in any room without the need for cables.

To give these devices the right use we will have to evaluate where to best place them is an intermediate area between the router and the place where we want the internet signal to arrive. By doing so, the devices will receive the signal emitted by the Wifi adapter and will be able to connect to the network without problems.

Most noticeable differences between the PLC and the Wifi adapter

We can therefore establish a first difference between what is the PLC and the Wifi adapter. And it is that while the former makes use of electrical cables to carry data, the latter bases its transmission via wireless using repeater antennas.

As for the internet signal, both have features that allow you to travel at a good speed. However, there are factors that can affect the decrease in these speeds. An enemy for PLCs is fluctuation in electrical power or any wiring failure. Secondly; For Wifi adapters, if the signal hits the walls and ceilings of the house, it causes it to lose strength and therefore signal, so it may be necessary to amplify the signal by creating a repeater.

Depending on the needs of each user, both can be very useful; But before making a decision on which one to use, you should take a look at your local circumstances. You could also use both devices together to better cover the technical problems that arise, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi and PLC.

No doubt, travel online at high speed it is an experience that produces satisfaction. Whether we use a PLC or a WiFi adapter, we can go through the fast channel if we know how to choose which one to use. We hope this post helped you see the difference between the two and how they affect your internet signal. We would appreciate if you leave us your valuable comment in the box.

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