Creating the perfect post for social networks - How to do it step by step

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Everything published on the social networks it is done to share personal or other information with other users to maintain a profile or reputation.

But while it's true, how they are posted greatly affects the scope and the positive result from your followers, meaning that a post with good structure and spelling is a pleasure to see.

It certainly happened to you when you see an artist's profile, and you see that all his publications mark their catchy style.

Social network users not only share what they do with their friends, many have managed to generate money from corporate accounts on platforms such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Others have become great influencer knowing how to browse the most popular networks on the web, especially in 2020.

But here we will show you what those ideal publications are and the tricks so that your publications also reach this standard.

What is the structure that should have a publication on social networks?

At the time of publication it cannot be done because yes, you must first think about it and structure it, especially when the social network is part of a company or a public figure.

So you need to think first: who are you? What do you want to offer? For what type of user? So that you can encourage your audience to interact with your publications.

So don't get carried away by everyday life and avoid falling into the routine and boring your followers. Next, we show you the basic structure a post must have to load your views.


It should be the first impression when viewing the post, so think carefully about something that will attract a lot of attention in the best way.


It should be a small summary that encourages the user to continue reading the publication, to win the emotion.


Bring the emozione at a higher point, it creates suspense for what goes on.


Now if you start to tell the problem and the reason for posting in a conversational and concise way so that it is easy to read and understandable.

Body of the text

Drive to narration to the destination you want to convey to the reader.

Conclusion and closure

Finally, let the reader want more, to keep searching for your publications.

What does high-value content refer to in a post?

Valuable content is that which we attach to a publication in audiovisual or multimedia such as videos, images, audio that generate trust and emotions in the audience.

Gain the benefit of a community of users interested in you and your publications, as well as generate trust and position yourself with valuable content on Instagram or Facebook published from time to time.

How often should I publish my post?

Each social networks it is different, the users who interact with it look for and have different tastes, so the pace will depend on the medium in which you want to spread.

For example on Twitter if they recommend at least 5 tweets a day in order not to suffocate and maintain a good ranking. While, on Facebook, the ideal would be one publication per day.

Su Instagram ITA the ideal would be twice a day. Ending up with Pinterest with at least 5 posts a week.


How can I efficiently share my post on social media?

As final tips for making your publications efficient, keep in mind that the updating your profile ti will help position you, try changing your profile photo or cover.

Likewise, the organization of sweepstakes or contests increase views; Creating a content calendar will allow you to better organize yourself, as well as schedule publications in advance so you can be sure you have them available.

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