Create wallpapers from anywhere on the planet with Google Earth

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Google Earth is an inexhaustible source of precious images of the planet in we live in. The Big G proved this by publishing about a thousand wallpapers of spectacular aerial images from Google Earth itself. If in this huge gallery you can't find the exact photo of the planet with which you want to personalize your mobile or tablet, don't worry, because you can create it yourself.

With the trick that we will explain to you in this article, your only concern will be that of choose the specific point on Earth you want to turn into a background for your Android. So, you just need to follow the steps we detail and enjoy the views provided by Google Earth.

Create wallpapers from anywhere on the planet thanks to Google Earth

Finding free and original wallpapers for your mobile is simple, but maybe your search results don't always convince you. For this reason, we offer you a new method for create them yourself: from Google Earth images.

The huge gallery of this Google service gives you access to endless potential wallpapers. Therefore, all you have to do is select the ones you like best and set them as your home screen and / or lock screen wallpapers. Next, let's explain step by step how to get wallpapers with google earth.

1st: Enter with the browser of your mobile phone or tablet in Earth View, a Google Earth image gallery.

2º- Click on Explore images.

3º- Click on left or right arrow to see all the Google Earth images that make up the gallery.

4th - When you find an image you like as a background, click the Download button that appears at the top of the screen.

5º- Set that image as your wallpaper and voila, you have already customized your Android with a picture of the planet captured by Google Earth.

This is a process you can resort to when you don't like your wallpaper and want to change it to something more attractive. If you enter Google Earth, you will always be sure of find varied images that reflect the spectacular nature of the planet. For the moment, we are left with the background that we have established to explain this trick to you.

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