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Instagram is one of the most used and popular social networks in the world, reason for which everyday adds millions of users to its platform who make an active life on this network. Well, people interact with each other by sharing photos, stories on their profile, following users from all over the world and indicating what they like or dislike through comments and likes.

Therefore, knowing how massive this platform is and the variety of its features as a social network, it is not surprising that you can access more ways to create an Instagram profile.

What are the benefits of having an Instagram account?

The social network Instagram turns out to be a pretty good application because, in addition to being free, it offers us multiple services that satisfy all users, it is quite easy to manage and in times of pandemic it becomes easier for us sell products from our stores from these parts., the Instagram app is also known for taking advantage of our creativity with all the filters it offers us and also leads us to meet many people to have a great social life.

Therefore, we will show you a guide with simple steps so that you know what you should keep in mind and how to create a Instagram account from your PC or mobile phone.

What do I need to create an Instagram account?

One of the more dynamic social networks and where it is practically impossible to get bored or miss something is, without a doubt, Instagram. So, if you don't have an account on this social network, don't wait any longer, as this is a great way to improve your social life.

Therefore, you should know that you only need to have a phone number or an email address which you can access. Furthermore, this social network gives you the opportunity to access its services from your mobile device through your favorite application store; or even if you prefer, from your computer.

Well, you have the option to download Instagram for your PC for free, as well as access this platform from its website online official.

Also, each of these options allows you to manage your account on the social network, as well as creating an account from scratch in it. Therefore, you have no more excuses to start creating an account on this social network.

Find out how to get your account from your computer

Computers have not lost the advantage of having the service of social networks. Well, although they are not exactly mobile platforms, the official sites of the different social networks allow users to use their services from their computers, and of course Instagram is no exception.

In this way you can take advantage of the various services offered by this social network for computers without missing anything. Since you can upload photos to Instagram from your PC, share stories and follow users What do you desire.

Therefore, the first step to create your Instagram account from your PC Windows is accessing the official application page via your favorite browser. Once there, you need to locate the "Create an account" option and fill in the boxes with the corresponding information in each of them.

Finally, devi alone enter your email address or your phone number, a username that is not in use (the Instagram platform informs you if so), as well as your name and a suitable password. Also, you have the option to sync your Facebook account with Instagram.

How to open an account from your iOS or Android smartphone

Mobile apps made it more accessible the access to life on social media. Well, simply by downloading an application on your mobile device you can enter a whole universe of interactions.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to create an Instagram account and start following people, sharing amazing photos, and even uploading stories with music and song lyrics, is download the application to your mobile.

For this, you just need to go to the corresponding application store according to your operating system. I mean, you have to go to the Google Play Store if you have an Android cellphone or at the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone cellphone. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you just have to enter it and select the "Create account" option.

Finally, when you access this option, a box will load with a series of data that you need to enter, which includes yours email address or phone number, your name and a username for the platform. Likewise, you will need to enter a password to protect your Instagram account.

Find out how to post on Instagram from your PC

As a first step in uploading posts to Instagram from our computer, we need to consider what you need to have Google Chrome, then we can proceed with the steps.

  1. We have to go up from our Google Chrome browser.
  2. So we have to look for the settings of the browser and click on the three dots on the right side.
  3. Then click on more tools and then on tools for developers.
  4. We will click on the button with i symbols furniture located in the upper right part.
  5. Choose the interface we are going to use in the menu that appears .
  6. Finally, load the page and enjoy posting content on Instagram ITA from your computer.

How to add new Instagram accounts from your computer or mobile?

It has always been important to Instagram users connect multiple accounts on their phones or computers and over time the question has arisen whether this is possible and how to do it? Today we will teach you how to get it step by step.

  • Go to your profile Instagram ITA
  • Click on the menu that has 3 lines and then go to settings.
  • click on add account.
  • Enter the information for the new account you want add.
  • Finally, access And that's it.

Popular tips and tricks to get the most out of your account

Sometimes you need to follow some tips for exploit al the better our Instagram account and do not fail in the attempt, so today we will leave you some tricks that you can apply to make it happen.

Block comments

Deleting comments from people who leave negative opinions on our Instagram photos or videos never hurts, so we should take this option whenever we see negative comments from users who do not give us any importance.

Don't get labeled by anyone

It is always important to keep in mind that not all people like to appear in other users' publications for wise or personal reasons, so it never hurts to remove the tag of Instagram or ask your followers not to mention you in their posts.

Contact card and how to send it

It is now well seen that Instagram users use contact cards to add new people, it is a great idea since it is easier for them to find us this way, we just have to create the contact card and send it to ours contacts as if we were sending a photo or a message.

Share a story as a post

Sometimes it's easier to share our publications as one story on our Instagram, as well as saving time, it's a great way to keep our Instagram organized and in sync.

How to get a professional profile and what are the benefits

It is always good to know a few tricks to get a good professional Instagram profile and in addition to that we need to know what the bright side is and why we should try it. As well as a first case we will have need to see what the first steps are to get started.

  1. Click on the three horizontal stripes at the top right on Instagram.
  2. Go to settings and click (account section).
  3. Click (switch to account professional).
  4. Then click on the desired category for yours profile.
  5. Accept and enjoy your account professional.
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