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A very important aspect to keep in mind is that they exist 2 types of WordPress it. as. org both are controlled by the same creators and have almost the same features found in improvements every day.

If you want to create a user record in WordPress with a Facebook account now you can do it, you just need to follow a few steps and the process will be easier for you.

Create a user in WordPress using the Facebook social network

In addition to other virtual platforms in WordPress you can create a web page and you can also register if you have a Google account or if you are an Apple user. For create a user from your Facebook you must have a previous account, as from there you will be looking for the Plugin to be able to register.

You have to open your blog created in WordPress and go where it says Plugin and select '»Add new' 'being there in the search engine you have to look for one that is for the social network, then write» Register Facebook' '

You will notice that you will get around 400 options from which you can select one, the most recommended is «Nextend Social Login And register», poiché  is the most popular and with the highest number of downloads.

You just have to install it and then press where it says active, if the page does not reload by itself you have to do it, pressing F5 and then clicking on '»Settings» where you will have different registration options and not just Facebook.

As a first option, you will get Facebook and you need to go to 'Check settings' to follow the steps and be able to configure this type of startup.

You can follow the instructions that show you right there in the option of «» How to start »« even if it is not a complete guide. So it's best to click on Settings and follow my steps.

How to configure it to create a user record in WordPress with Facebook?

  1. Initially they give you a link to go to an external page where you just have to hit my apps and create one. There in the box in the first option of ' 'Visualized name" you just have to write in capital letters SIGN UP and in the email you will put the staff or whatever you want.
  2. You create the app identification and acknowledge that you are not a robot. In the multiple product options, the Facebook settings and select the platform, which in this case would be Web.
  3. There they ask you to indicate a website and you have to enter that on the home page and click on '»Save', once this is done you have to go to Basic configuration and in the box where they require a domain you also have to add that on the home page.
  4. However, below you will see 2 other boxes to fill in by simply pressing them, they will complete themselves or you can do it by copying the link of the conditions of the service that you find in the pages and it would be enough just to add the category. And save the changes.

Other things to change would be:

The way to log into Facebook which you can find in the left bar at the end of all options where you just need to change the URL to what appears in option 11 of the instructions. And again save the changes.

At the top you need to activate the development mode and save the changes made again. You have to keep the instructions open, as again you have to search for the identifier of your App of base and key. In the settings next to the instructions they will come out and there you just have to copy and paste. Press Save.

Now all that remains is to check if everything is fine by clicking on »check settings» and confirm your Facebook account and then activate.


Now you just have to go out and enter, register to create a site in WordPress and select the Facebook option where you will continue with your account easily and the registration will practically happen by itself, since everything has been configured previously.

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