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If you ask yourself how to create a twitter account without a mobile number? so, you should look no further… Since here, we want to share with those who have this question the solution and that lies in a simple detail that usually goes unnoticed by many and therefore, this unnecessary inconvenience of having to add or add a phone number without that it is an obligation. So, to begin with, it can be said that yes, it is in fact possible to create a profile on Twitter without a phone number and for this it is necessary to follow the registration procedure, but taking care of one detail to do it and this whole process, we duly explain it below.

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Create a Twitter account without a mobile number | Step 1

First they must enter or enter the home page of the Twitter social network using the search engine or by typing the URL into the address bar of the browser they use and loading it in order to access Twitter. After doing this, the registration process will start by filling out a form that is displayed on the screen with the question Are you new to Twitter? subscribe  and that's it, next.

Full name: you will write the name in this field.

Email: Enter your email in this field.

Password: they will create and enter a key or password for the twitter account they want to create and by the way which is not easy to find out and that they can remember (they can write it there) since later you would have to start a recovery process of the 'account.

Finally, they will click on the button that says «Sign up for Twitter«.

Create a Twitter account without a mobile number | Step 2

Well, in the new page that has been opened you can modify the data entered in the previous step if you deem it convenient, namely: the name, e-mail and password. Then, review this data, change it without needing to do it and finally, give the green light by clicking on the «Sign Up«.

Create a Twitter account without a mobile number | Step 3

With the above step, a new page pops up asking them to enter your mobile number to follow the registration process on Twitter and then here, some have the conflict that plagues them… Well, what should be What to do here to create a Twitter account without a phone number is to observe the form very well, since it also appears in blue letters in a very discreet or hidden way, a text that says «Salta» and that is, under the button that says «NEXT«. In this way, all those people who want create a Twitter account without giving or entering the number by phone they will have to click right where it says «Salta«.

* Note no. 1 | One of the reasons why the phone number is requested in the Twitter registry is surely to have a clearer path in case of any problem with the account and its recovery. However, without this, the way to recover accounts will be email.

Create a Twitter account without a mobile number | Step 4

Continuing the process… Now a new page will open where you have to enter the username you want to call on Twitter and thus be able to make yourself known and by the way, don't worry about finding a definitive name since the name can be modified or change it if they want it in the future. Well, when they've already entered a name, they click the button that says » NEXT «.

* Note no. 2 | It should be noted that this stage can also simply be skipped by clicking on the text that says «Salta«.

Create a Twitter account without a mobile number | Step #5

So now a new page will open where they are greeted and invited to continue by clicking on the button that says «Force! » to tell, among other things, some things they love.

What interests you?

Well, a new page will appear where you can click on the options shown and that interest you and also you can search for other interests where it says , are you looking for even more? and when they have this answer, they will click the button that says » Continue«.

Want to find friends and see who they follow?

On the new page displayed, they will have the certain possibility of being able to find friends who have a Twitter account by searching their Gmail or Hotmail or Outlook email by clicking on the icon that identifies their email and then clicking on «Import contacts».

* Note no. 3 | By the way, you can skip this step by clicking on the text that says » No thanks » and which is below the button that says «Import contacts«.

Personalize your history

Finally, on this new page they suggest that you follow some people, companies or brands which, obviously, may be linked to the tastes or interests described in a given previous step and fortunately you will be able to demarcate one or some of them or start a search by typing the name or the username in the box that says «Search to add someone in particular» and when they have this ready, they will click Follow » x » account and they will continue.

So now and after all this process, may i inform you that you were able to create a twitter account without a mobile phone number … Most likely now a small central window has appeared where you can follow some steps by clicking on «NEXT» that show you some things or you can skip them by clicking on «Skip everything«.

By the way, open sent a message to your email with which you registered on Twitter to confirm this account you created, go to your mailbox, open the message and follow the link to confirm your account. Finally, this is it the whole process of opening a Twitter account without correctly providing the phone number with this detail going unnoticed.

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