Corning Gorilla Glass vs DragonTrail: Characteristics and differences, which is better?

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Likewise, they created a broken glass repair kit to fix screens after these accidents. On the other hand, knowing the best option when it comes to tempered glass with which you will coat your device is essential to ensure its integrity.

Therefore, we will show you the features and differences of Corning Gorilla Glass vs DragonTrail, so that you can learn which is the best option between these two famous tempered glass brands.

Features Corning Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail

Tempered glass has become the ultimate screen protector for mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right one when offering extra protection to your mobile phone, and for that, Corning Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail are two of the best options on the market.

For its part Gorilla Glass is a tempered glass produced by the Corning company, one of the most appreciated and safest on the market, which is assumed to withstand the damage of even 8/10 falls. Furthermore, this is an ever-evolving crystal, as its manufacturers seek to add new features to its formula to add greater hardness and strength to the material.

Similarly, Gorilla Glass tempered glass has developed around 4 different versions of its popular glass, and it is assumed that it will soon feature a new version, with even better features.

On the other hand, DragonTrail is another of the more popular options in terms of durability and resistance in tempered glass. This for its part is manufactured by the company Asashi Glass Co. Another popular feature of this glass is that it is also aimed at televisions.

Differences between Corning Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail

Tempered glass is one of the protection tools important ones with which we can add additional security to our mobile devices. Therefore, knowing which is the best option in terms of protective glass on your device is as essential as knowing the best operating system for it.

So once you consider that Corning Gorilla Glass e DragonTrail are two of the best screen protectors you can buy, you should also know what are the features that differentiate each of these options.

Hence, one of these main differences can be seen in the popularity of Gorilla Glass compared to DragonTrail, because although both have excellent quality, the former is preferred by the manufacturing companies. However, it is important to note that both brands offer a level of protection quite high for mobile screens.

In this way, although another of the main differences between these two crystals whether Gorilla Glass is primarily aimed at mobile devices and, for its part, DragonTrail although it is also intended for this purpose, its strengths are the screens of televisions.

Which is better between Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail?

Knowing the best option in terms of protective glass for screens is the key to properly protecting mobile devices. So knowing that Gorilla Glass and DragonTrail are two of the best options when choosing the same, which one is better between these two?

You have to consider the characteristics and differences of each of these crystals that we had previously defined for you, because from there you can draw your own conclusions. However, if you are still unsure which tempered glass to choose between Gorilla Glass vs DragonTrail, the best option in Gorilla Glass.

Well, this tempered glass brand has learned for itself over the years and, with each new version, it delivers to users more effective protection tools for their mobile equipment.

For its part, DragonTrail is a great option to protect your TV screens, as when it comes to mobile devices, the material these crystals are made of causes fingerprints to be marked unsightly on the screen..

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