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The formats supported by this program are: DOCX, DOC, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, HTML e EPUB. Ideally, we can use it on PC, Tablet and even mobile devices (they have to try it) both iOS and Android.

It allows us to password protect our PDF files even if it is a delicate and confidential document that we must protect from those who see it, this is important when we use an email to distribute it and it can be sabotaged by hackers or viruses on another PC.

Lo sblocco OCR for any PDF file it is amazing as it allows us to edit any image, PDF and more as if it were a text document, it is a big plus. Creating automatic forms in our PDFs is also a great tool for anyone who uses it for creating administrative invoices.

How do I install PDFelement?

  1. First let's get into the website to proceed with the download of PDFelemen installer.
  2. Once the installation program has been downloaded, we can proceed with the installation on the PC.
  3. Soon we will find on our desktop a direct access to the program and from there we enter by double clicking.

With these simple steps we already have the program installed on our pc, ready to be used. In simple steps we will explain how to use it for convert your JPG files to PDF.

How to convert JPG image to PDF?

  1. In the main tab that we have when we access the program on our PC we will find the options that we can perform with it.
  2. We find the option "Modify PDF" e » Convert PDF », among others like "Create PDF" from scratch which can be very useful if we want to create it.
  3. In this case we will use "Create PDF" and we will look for the JPG image in the folder which is hosted on our PC.
  4. We select the JPG image that we want to convert to PDF and click on "You open".
  5. When the image is uploaded to the program platform, we will go to the "Start OCR" button where another menu of options will open for this action.
  6. In this new menu he lets us choose two options.
  7. «Searchable text image» e "Editable text" among these options we will select «Editable text» in so it can be a PDF file but can be edited and search for phrases within.
  8. We accept this option and it will automatically change our image.
  9. In this way our image in JPG format becomes a Editable PDF, that is, we can edit any text in our image.
  10. When we modify or if we just want to save it, we can go to "Save as" and choose the location to save it.

This program gives us a great hand to be able to edit, create and edit PDF documents in other formats in a very simple way.

It offers us one free version to try it for a few days, but then we can buy the subscription and if you are one of those people who use this tool for work or just need to use it very often, it is a great investment without a doubt.

Don't miss trying it on your PC, it's easy to use and install for all users so you won't have any complications using it along with this step by step guide.

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