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Su Instagram, just like on Facebook, when we upload a photo to the social network, we can tag whoever we want, so that their tag appears on the photo and we can go directly to their profile, but sometimes we don't want to be tagged or we want hide a tag tag so as not to appear in the photo, so today we will teach you how to do it.

On many occasions we don't want our profile to appear in the photos our contacts upload in their Instagram feed, for this there is the possibility to remove the tags or even the option not to allow anyone to tag us in the photos to avoid important problems, because we will show you how to do it.

Instagram photo tags allow us to directly access the profiles of the tagged people in that photo, but many times we may want to remove the tag just like we removed the comment from the post.

Rimovi and tag are Instagram

To hide photo tags where we don't want to appear, we will only have to follow a series of steps in setting up Instagram, then we will show you how we can prevent anyone from tagging us in the future or have the option to decide whether we want them to tag us or not.

  1. The first step will be to access the Instagram settings by clicking on our profile icon and clicking on the three lines that appear at the top right.
  2. Now you will have to click on "Settings".

  1. Then find and click «Privacy».

  1. Of all the options you will have to click on «Publications».

In this window we can see all the options related to the privacy section of publications and labels to have more control over them.

  1. Now we will have to look for the option «Publications tagged», here we will be able to see all the photos in which the rest of the users have tagged us.
  2. We will look for the photo in which we want to remove the label and click on the three dots located above it.
  3. We will select "Label Options".

  1. Then a «Remove me from publication», in this way we will have removed the label from that photo and will not appear in it.

To prevent someone from tagging us in the photos, we can activate the «None» option in the section «Allow tags from» in so that they can no longer tag us in any photos, whether they are our contacts or not.

There is another way to be able to control the video tags even more Instagram posts and that is by deciding the posts that can tag us, or we can manually decide the tags of the photos we want.

To do this, in the same section where we are we will have to activate the option «Approve tag manually» and in this way when someone tags us in the photo a tag request will appear that we can accept or not.

Nascondere and the tag are Instagram it's a way to maintain our privacy or security on the app, as it allows us to have more control over who decides to tag us in our photos and what photos appear in our tagged feed.

È so that we can hide and check tags on instagram to be able to have more control over the photos in which we appear, since anyone could tag us and access our profile without looking for us or because we don't want anyone to tag us in the photos.

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