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WhatsApp is the Preferred messaging client par excellence, as millions of people use this application every day to keep in contact with family or friends. And is that this app whether we like it or not is already part of our lifestyle. Therefore, it is completely normal that we want give a personal touch to our favorite application. One of the ways you can change your style is by learning how to change the background of whatsapp on android. Stay till the end and you will see how easy it is step by step.

How to change my whatsapp background in android 2022

If you ask yourself this question, we will answer it in a moment. If you want change whatsapp screen background, the first thing you need to do is open the application e go to the top right where the 3 dots are, click there.

We will now see a menu that will put the following:

  • New group.
  • New transmission.
  • Whatsapp Web.
  • Featured posts.
  • Settings.

The option we are interested in for change the wallpaper of WhatsApp è "Settings", let's go in.

Inside "Settings" we will see the following options:

  • Tale.
  • Chat.
  • Notifications
  • Data and storage.
  • Invite a friend.
  • Help.

To put one original and beautiful WhatsApp wallpaper we have to enter "Chat".

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How to put wallpaper for whatsapp 2022

Inside "Chat" there is the section where we will set the wallpaper of whatsapp on android, yes, you guessed it… You must enter "Background".

WhatsApp background options

Once entered "Background" we will see a submenu with different options to customize our WhatsApp wallpaper. Among the various options are the following:

  • Gallery.
  • Solid color.
  • Fund Gallery.
  • Default.
  • Bottomless.

I opted for the gallery option for put a custom WhatsApp background. To do this, click on "Gallery" and choose a photo that we like.

We go down to the right where it says "To establish" and we give it there.

It's ready! We already know how  change the background of whatsapp on android.

If you have any doubts when it comes to put a custom background in a WhatsApp chat, you can always leave me a comment. Don't forget to share this content to reach as many people as possible, this helps me a lot, thank you!

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