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You have another SIM card and you need to change your phone number on facebook? Well, let me tell you that you've come to the right place. In the following tutorial I'll explain it to you step by step like change your mobile phone number on Facebook, you will see how easy it is!

How can I change my Facebook account phone number?

- I want to change my Facebook phone number! here is the attitude my dear apprentice «Padawan». Either because you changed your SIM or you simply don't want to have your real number, in this post you will find everything you need to do this task, let's see how to do it!

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How to Change Facebook Phone Number 2022

The first thing we have to do to put another phone on Mark Zuckerberg's social network is to open the app or access the PC (the process is the same) and follow these steps:

  1. We insert the 3 horizontal lines of the app or the small arrow at the top right of the screen on PC.
  2. Let's «Settings and Privacy».
  3. We enter "Settings".

Later I will leave you a photo so that you have more clarity on the process.

Change my Facebook phone number

Now in "Account settings" we must enter where it says "Personal informations".

Change my phone number on Facebook.

Here we have to give you where in its corresponding section (as indicated in the image below).

Where can I change my phone number on Facebook?

Here we will see  current ones, For modify them we will have to do the following:

  1. Let's "Remove".
  2. Click on "Add phone number".

Change my Facebook account phone number

This is where you can add your new mobile and then we will click "Keep on ».

And voila, you know how to change your primary phone number in Face easily and quickly, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks please, it would help me a lot to keep making more articles like this… thank you very much!

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