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Taking into account that each of them offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on the use to be made of them; since some are more useful for specific activities. This determines an order of importance, depending on the user. Before I advise you to learn what is the difference between a browser and an Internet search engine.

What is a web browser?

The term web browser refers to a program through which it is possible to access the various pages. Its function is to transform files and make them visible. In this way, the user can enjoy the contents he wants, such as texts, images, videos, etc. There are the best, safest, and most private browsers on the internet if you are concerned about the misuse of information.

Web browser history

The first web browser was designed in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee; having the name WorlWideWeb. Although this model was a well developed design, it had the disadvantage of only running on NeXT stations.

Later a new browser was created, called Mosaic, which was very successful. However, as time goes by, Netscape Navigator is was launched on the market, overshadowing Mosaic, as it had better features and faster speed. In 1995 it was known the launch of a new browser, called Internet Explorer, widely accepted by users.

Years later, Mozilla Firefox was developed, with an official launch date of June 5, 2002. A year later, Apple offers a web browser called Safari, which it has great speed and impressive updates. In 2004 a new navigation project is known, such as Mozilla Firefox.

In 2008, the Google Chrome browser is known, which has achieved great reach due to its functionality, features and speed. It should be noted that miso was developed by the Google company. Finally, in mid-2015 the Microsoft company launched Microsoft Explorer.

The best browsers of 2020

While there is a large variety of web browsers, it should be noted that some are better than others. Either because they offer more features, new updates, or because of their speed level. Next, we created a collection of best web browsers of 2020.

 Microsoft Edge

Il Windows operating system 10 includes this new browser, which has replaced Internet Explorer, as Microsoft Edge offers a better browsing experience. Pointing out that it has had major changes, mainly in its interface, it likewise includes good integration with Cortana.

One of the benefits this browser offers is that it consumes RAM name, mainly favoring laptops. This way the battery will last longer.

Google Chrome

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is one of the favorite browsers of many users. And it is no exception, because it offers us great advantages over others.

Outstanding that it has a high level of speed, includes extensions that you can adapt according to your needs. It also fully integrates with your personal Google account. This browser with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. There are others that are better known alternative browsers to Chrome, which can help you if you already want something different.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a safe, fast and easy to customize browser. However, with the launch of Google Chrome, it lost popularity. However, compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox still has an advantage, as it guarantees better browsing experience on the Web.


Its design is clean, clear and easy to use. It is specific to Apple users, being the reference browser for Mac, iPhone or iPad. Taking into account that it integrates perfectly with the Mac operating system. Safari also allows us to add extensions to expand its basic functions.


Although this browser does not provide or include better functionalities than those previously exposed, it has the particularity that the requirements for its operation are very low. Being perfect for computers with lower performance. Likewise, it includes a clean, comfortable and pleasant interface.

Finally, we hope this tutorial has helped you, remembering that you can know which browser is the fastest between Chrome, Firefox and Edge. However, we would like to hear from you Do you think these browsers are really good? Which one do you identify with the most? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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