Because it wouldn't be so bad that the Samsung Galaxy Note has disappeared

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A few weeks ago, the South Korean company Samsung presented its new high-end devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra, terminals which, by the way, from Samsung itself claim to sell much better than their previous model, the Note10.

The catalog of high-end phones is therefore left with the well-known and popular Galaxy S20 family, the aforementioned Note e other devices that the company can mine, like the Galaxy Fold foldable phone.

Now, some rumors are claiming that Samsung may stop releasing Note phones in the near future. At first glance this rumor is terrible, but thinking about it coldly would make all the sense in the world e it would also be good for Samsung and its users.

Why wouldn't it be so bad if the Galaxy Note stopped manufacturing?

Will this be the last year we will see a Galaxy Note?

Let's start with what we saw in 2020. Earlier this year, Samsung introduced us to the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra being the second the most interesting in terms of value for money. On the other hand we have the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, the former being a "decoy" and the second the best option.

Our opinion? What the best thing Samsung could do is unify all these devices, launching fewer terminals on the market but with all the good of both families.

In this way, by removing the Note family, Samsung could launch three models of the S21 –Or S30 or whatever they want to call it–. A cheaper basic version, a more powerful Plus version and the Ultra, which would have the possibility of having the S-Pen as long as the South Koreans did not adapt it to other devices.

With this, we would make the S-Pen a better accessory since there isn't that much fragmentation and, above all, something much more popular, as Galaxy SXX devices are the most popular in the entire Samsung catalog.

Would you like the Samsung Galaxy to have support for the S-Pen?

In another perspective, we must take into account the fact that the Galaxy Fold will become a fixture for South Koreans. Although the first model was a bit rushed and with a lot of problems, we are sure that with the second version they will have learned from all their mistakes. And honestly, this foldable phone is a excellent candidate for S-Pen support, so it would definitely be the perfect replacement for the Note family.

But there is still more. The fact that the Note family could disappear would have another advantage and that is that Samsung could focus on giving more support to its high-end terminals. As there are fewer models on the market, South Koreans could keep the promise made a few days ago that all their high-end terminals will be updated for at least 3 years, which would undoubtedly be great news not only for the company, but also. for the same Android that sees how iOS beats it by an avalanche in this regard.

In short, we do not know if Samsung will dare to "load" the Note family but if he did, it wouldn't even be a drama. Samsung currently has a fairly wide range of terminals at the high end and reducing it would even be beneficial. Not only would the popularity of the S-Pen increase, but this accessory could become something unique if the entire Galaxy family had support for it.

And for you, what would you think if Samsung ended the Note line?

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