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Therefore, here we will give you a clear and simple answer of what happens and you can educate yourself as to why this happens. Without further ado you can understand why this Instagram APP platform makes these changes and blocks without even consulting you.

Dislike on Instagram What are the causes?

All applications have certain rules and laws established by the creator company to guarantee the optimal functionality of your APP. This isn't limited to the Instagram app.

Because it has its own rules to make the users who love the APP have a smooth experience without any inconvenience.

That's why, if a rule is violated, some penalties will be applied to the account in question.

One of the various rules that the platform has for its users is a limite di like. That is why the Instagram platform will block all types of interaction from people who constantly carry out this type of activity.

You have to keep in mind that Instagram using this option is due to the fact that they have a monitoring of all accounts user. In addition, they also monitor the activity they have on a daily basis.

Which constitutes an average of 400 or 500 likes per day. Plus a similar average of 500 new accounts you follow every day.

Therefore, having more than 500 Mi like it and up to 1.000 in one day, I have the same average number of accounts you follow on a daily basis, that's considered spam. Well, it doesn't rank the amount of activity an average user carries out on the Instagram platform. Therefore, this APP determines that the account is malicious and is classified as junk.

What is blocking Instagram likes? How to fix it

While you may not know it, it's good that you know, but this can happen and can also be more common than you think, It's not impossible for Instagram to block the likes you give to posts you like.

Instagram has long established a new function, namely that of have a minimum of 500 likes per day, a bit fair rule to be honest, it would be a bit impossible for you to give 500 likes to 500 publications of a single entry to the app.

Instagram has this rule to prevent bots within its platform from spamming, so if you don't want to pass as an account that could presumably be a robot, do not give more than 500 likes on the same day.

However, if you have really given 500 likes to Instagram posts and have been blocked, you should consider next time not to do this again, as the more times you do this, the more severe the punishment from Instagram will be, as may suspend your account or get permanently banned.

Likewise, don't worry, if you have blocked the option to like posts, this will take about a few hours, it can be between 2 hours and 24 hours.

But if you see that two or more days have passed and you continue with this feature locked, we will have to find a way to unlock this feature again, a good way to try to unlock it would be empty the application cache.

You can do this by going to the Applications section in your phone's Settings, and being in the application list you will look for the Instagram application, you will enter the storage option and you will clear the data from the cache.

Why can't I follow anyone on Instagram? Know the answer

Just like Instagram has a rule for likes, it has also a rule to follow platform users, rules that have been imposed in the user community to avoid spam by ghost people or accounts.

The limit of people you can follow in one day is 7.500 accounts, so in case of violation of this rule, you will have to wait for this function to be activated again in the application.

In case you don't follow 7.500 accounts, it could be a bug on the part of the application which doesn't allow you to follow people.

If it's been more than 48 consecutive hours where the following people function has been locked, then it would be good find a solution to the temporary block of the Instagram function.

In this case, it is advisable empty the application cache, in so that the block for following people can be solved, for this you need to access the phone storage settings.

Once there we will search for the Instagram app and delete the cache, even if you have a problem you may also delete application data, this would only be good to do if you have backed up the images you usually uploaded to the platform.

After clearing the application cache, you can check if you can already follow the accounts on Instagram, if not, you can go to the application store and check for any pending updates.

If we have platform updates available, it is good that you update it, as in the update process yes they can fix Instagram bugs or errors, among these the follower function block, after updating it you can restart the phone and check if the update has solved the problem.

If the update didn't help fix the blocking of the following Instagram accounts, then the only option we have is contact Instagram support and comment on the situation, in a few hours or days you could be contacted by the platform to offer you a solution.

Reasons why your likes are blocked and you can't follow anyone on Instagram

In summary, as mentioned above, the possible reasons why i yours Mi likes are blocked and you can't follow any are the following:

  • You have exceeded the number of likes you can give in one day.
  • You will exceed the number of people you can follow in one day.
  • Maybe you have exceeded the number of people you can keep in one day.

However, they do exist account Instagram ITA Business which also have a daily activity limit. So, if you've switched accounts and it's still locked out, it means you're exceeding an influencer person's limit of interactions.

That is, a person who uses their Instagram account as a job. Bottom line, it's a way to protect your user account and Instagram itself.

How can I solve this problem?

Commonly, the likes block and your Instagram activity lasts for a limited time. It can be up to a few hours, depending on the average limit you have exceeded, considered within the application standards.

The important thing is that you refrain from doing it again. Since, among the measures that the platform could take, it could include up to the suspension and definitive closure of your account.

Now, in case you encounter this problem and it is not fixed by Instagram, here we will show you how to do it by clearing the Instagram cache by following a few simple steps. It should be noted that the steps may vary slightly depending on the model of the terminal you have.

  • First of all, enter the settings on your mobile.
  • Then select the option «Applications and notifications».
  • Now you have to select the option with the name of the applications in the bar that appears.
  • Here you have to search for the Instagram APP and select it by clicking on it.
  • Then you need to click on the storage section.
  • Finally, a box will appear informing you with the total memory that Instagram covers on your mobile. Here you can clear the cache memory and then you have to wait a few moments and check if you cannot like on instagram or follow someone.

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