Because a smartphone is better than a camera to take pictures

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Photography lovers will get their hair longer right now by reading the title of this article and it's no wonder. It must be said that I am not a professional photographer nor do I claim to be, on the contrary, my knowledge is quite basic. However, there are many more people like me who, being quite inexperienced in the field, they consider that by purchasing a professional camera their photographic skills will improve without being aware that with a smartphone they will achieve similar results.

Because I once read (somewhere) that the camera does not make the photographer and only practice, trials and errors make us grow in the world of photography. So, for my part, I believe that a smartphone is a totally valid tool for taking pictures and although the more purists are totally against (respectable), a mobile phone can give us magnificent results if what we want is to have fun taking pictures.

Why take pictures with a smartphone instead of a camera?

There is nothing wrong with taking photos with a mobile phone, and that is that with a smartphone you can achieve outstanding results

The world of photography is divided into two strands, between those who only use the camera and those who have a more open mind using any tool at their disposal, including smartphones. Like everything in this life, there are those who remain anchored to the past and those who evolve over time. As if with the advent of computers we were still using typewriters or worse, despite the invention of the automobile, we still moved on horse-drawn carriages.

The smartphone is therefore just another tool to enjoy photography, both professionally and simply for entertainment. A new formula that, with the advent of platforms such as Facebook and of course Instagram, has achieved considerable popularity. And it is that thanks to mobile phones, photography has reached all corners of the planet.

And then, why is a mobile phone better than a camera for practicing this discipline? Honestly, a mobile phone is not on the level of a DLSR and all this despite phones like Sony or Huawei getting closer and closer, but there is something that skews these devices in favor: practicality and immediacy.

If Huawei stands out for anything, it is because of its incredible quality in the cameras of its smartphones

Unlike a professional camera, we always carry a smartphone in our pocket or bag. Because of this, photography has become so popular and now everyone can instantly capture that magical instant or moment, simply by taking your mobile phone out of your pocket and pressing a button. The smartphone has therefore become an extension of our body, giving us a proximity that obviously a professional camera does not give.

Therefore, mobile photography is still "another" way of doing photography, neither better nor worse than the conventional one. What we need to understand is that a smartphone is not a substitute for a reflex camera but a tool that allows us to do another type of photography, simply different. Of course, the fact that a smartphone allows you to do other things besides taking pictures is another valid reason to bet on this type of device..

In short, we must not be ashamed of appreciating photography and using a smartphone. Many will tell us that we are corrupting this noble discipline - people who, as in other aspects of life, believe they are absolutely right about everything - but we don't have to pay attention to them. Like all those who say that cell phones are not good for games. So effectively, I will continue to use a smartphone to take pictures and have fun. And is that despite not being an expert in the field, I am very happy with the smartphone camera in hand.

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