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Audio in text per WhatsApp is an app that can go completely unnoticed were it not for the fact that it is tremendously useful.

Imagine that a friend sent you a beautiful audio on WhatsApp and you would like keep it in text format, the fact is that you are lazy because it is longThis is where Audio to Text for WhatsApp comes in.

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Audio to Text for WhatsApp An app to convert WhatsApp audio to text

With this app, it is one of best applications to convert WhatsApp audio to text, here is a video where you can see how it works.

How to convert WhatsApp audio to text

Converting WhatsApp audio to text is extremely easy with this app. The first thing we will have to do of course is download audio to text for whatsapp from google play or from the link below:

  • Application to convert audio

Log into WhatsApp to convert audio

Now you just have to enter into a WhatsApp conversation and wait for an audio to be sent to you. Once they send you one, you can hold down the audio and click on the social network share icon:

Select from all the options «Audio to text for WhatsApp».

Now we will have to wait a few seconds depending on the duration of the audio until the request is finished.

Once finished, we will have ours audio converted to text from WhatsApp. Now we can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on «Copy text».

It should be noted that the converting WhatsApp audio to text wasn't quite perfect. I must also point out that the accent influences a lot and the pronunciation is good, but in essence it is perfectly understood.

What do you think about Audio in Text for WhatsApp? You can leave me a comment below, I promise to answer you. Me you would also help a lot if you share this article with your social networks, a thousand thanks!

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