Are video calls on Instagram free? Do they cost money?

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Be it through text messages, voice notes, calls or video calls. Social networks have evolved in such a way that they are no longer just simple social networks. But they can also be considered an instant messaging app.

But obviously one of the big questions is whether to ask one video call or a call on Instagram is free. We will go into details a little further below.

Video calls on Instagram are free

Traditional calling and texting were essential once, long ago. To date, they are totally left aside thanks to the different applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

With these applications we can communicate in many ways: by text messages, by sending voice notes. But also with voice and video calls.

Although one of the great doubts that many people have, especially those who have difficulty adapting to new technologies. It deals with of free Instagram video calls? Do they cost money? And the truth is that they are free and at the same time not.

How does it work? Basically Instagram is totally free, everything you do in the application is free. Including video calls and phone calls, the Facebook-owned social network charges absolutely nothing for what you do on the social network both publicly and privately for direct messages.

Who pays for video calls on Instagram

Then why do we say they are free and not at the same time? This is because they are actually free when you have Wi-Fi. As long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use the app without any kind of limitations and without worrying about mobile data.

However, if you are using the data to browse and make video calls, you will obviously consume it. This means that if you are not on a Wi-Fi network, you will have to pay for the data you spend on your plan at the end of the month. And Instagram video calls can consume a good amount of data.

To give you an idea, about 10 minutes of video calling can consume up to 195MB. An hour of video calling can cost 1,17 GB of your data rate, which is undoubtedly a considerable figure.

Instagram is not the one that consumes the most, but it is not the one that consumes little. Among the video calling applications the one that consumes the least is FaceTime with 31,6 MB every 10 minutes and 0,19 GB every hour, which is virtually nil in terms of mobile data charges.

To make another comparison, a ten-minute WhatsApp video call consumes 73,5MB much less than Instagram it's a one hour call will consume 0,44GB. Which leaves the popular instant messaging application better.

Why does one consume more than the other? The reason is actually simple: quality. While Instagram is much better than WhatsApp or FaceTime in terms of sound and picture quality, the cost is that it consumes more data when making the video call.

Our advice is to make video calls when you are on Wi-Fi, which not only will not consume data, but the same call will be much more stable and seamless.

In cases of great urgency, the ideal would be to use more popular apps such as WhatsApp which consume much less MB per minute to be able to make video calls with a fairly acceptable quality and so you don't stay with no data in your schedule before reaching the end of the month.

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