Are Uber drivers and drivers self-employed?

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In almost all countries, Uber drivers are classified as Uber driving partners, which means they are self-employed. Therefore, everyone can work whenever they want without any kind of boss who has ordered something from them.

However, one thing we must keep in mind is that Uber has certain " rules »Or» condizioni »Work in general, as well as tariffs, penalties and requirements that must be met. Otherwise, if Uber decides to sanction and block a driver, it couldn't do anything about it. If you think you meet uber rules and conditions, try starting working with them, but first make sure you know how to access this source of work as an uber driver.

Uber drivers are self-employed

So, if we go to the case, a self-employed person decides when to work, how to do it, how much to charge and the conditions for doing the job. In the case of an Uber driver, at most he can decide when to work. However, you cannot decide how much to charge and the general terms and conditions.

Uber is classified as a technology company and not a transportation company. It ensures it is a platform that connects drivers with customers. In many parts of the world it is argued that this is somewhat inaccurate and that Uber does it to avoid certain responsibilities towards its own " employees,it ". If you're interested in how Uber might pay you, check out our review about it for more details on this topic.

The problem is: what would Uber be without drivers? It is important that drivers are classified correctly. Especially for issues related to local law and justice.

If the driver is classified as independent he loses some employment benefits that Uber has to take over. As being classified as an employee they could get different benefits and rights like in any other job. In Uber you need to be aware of billing by yourself, if you want to know how to bill in uber, in our blog you will find the indicated help.

To give you an example: any worker in an addictive relationship should have at least end-of-year bonuses, holidays, fixed salary, unemployment insurance, mutual insurance, etc.

Are Uber drivers employees?

The problem is that in this case, opinions are somewhat divided. Many drivers living off Uber would benefit from being classified as employees for the aforementioned perks.

Those who work little or simply take it as an extra and nothing more. They would not benefit from it as they would have to work a large number of hours that would be required by Uber.

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