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Fortunately, there is a fairly large catalog of terminals on Android. Many brands with different terminals, both low-end, medium and high-end, it all depends on the money we have and our needs.

But the fact that there are so many Android smartphones also has its downsides. Not only because many of these devices have questionable quality or because a large number of brands abandon the support of their terminals shortly after their launch, but also because they run the risk of baptizing these devices with almost embarrassing names.

What's the worst-named Android phone ever? The truth is that there are quite a few candidates and choosing one over the other is not easy at all. Here we leave you some. You can help us?

HTC ChaChaCha

Absolutely one of my favorites. HTC not only has one of the worst-named Android terminals in its catalog, but also in terms of design and functionality. The ChaChaCha or ChaCha.

In the heyday and absolute domination of the BlackBerry, HTC decided to go for an Android phone with a built-in keyboard to appeal to the young people of that time. Obviously the device was a failure, not just because of its design and hardware limitations, but because it has one of the worst names that has been given to a mobile terminal.

Motorola FlipOut

Why do phones with bad names also have a horrible design? We don't know if it's a mere coincidence, but this FlipOut not only has a name that is thrown back when spoken or read, but also when we see its design.

It was a square screen phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard that slid sideways e , despite the quirky design and hideous name, it didn't sell badly.

Casio G’zOne

The well-known watch brand Casio also wanted to try their luck in the smartphone market, even if it did not go well at all and we are not surprised by the name he has decided to use to name his smartphones.

There were several models of G'zOne (it costs to write it) even if nobody seems to remember them. And be careful, because if writing this name isn't easy, do you know how to pronounce it? Cabbage-WUN. There is nothing.

Panasonic Eluga

Panasonic is honored to have another series of phones with weird names. Our Customers also searched on Google what an Eluga is, but our research was unsuccessful.

Regardless (if anyone knows what it is, write to us), the Panasonic Eluga was a 2012 phone with typical hardware of the era. which he did not take foot between users. Was his name supposed to see something?

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II, Epico 4G Touch

And we end up with a device from the Samsung family. Although the Galaxy S II was undoubtedly one of the best devices of the era, there were many wonderful variations this terminal had.

In the United States, under the tutelage of the Sprint operator, is born this Samsung Galaxy SII, Epic 4G Touch, that you have to take some air to start it. Obviously the device wasn't bad at all (it had up to 4G!) Although sadly the name wasn't the most accurate… no matter how Epic it was.

And you, do you know any other Android devices with strange names?

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