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Google recently released the second version for developers of what will be the next major update of the operating system: Android 11. The second public beta of the eleventh major update of the mobile operating system does not foresee major changes, as the Mountain View company has mainly focused on making Android 11 more stable.

However, it has 5 news worth highlighting and which we detail below. As usual, this Android 11 Beta 2 can currently be installed on devices Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a e Pixel 4 and more smartphones from other brands are expected in the future.

Android 11 introduces great news.

Although the Mountain View company has mainly focused on making Android 11 more stable as development evolves until the final version arrives, the second public beta of the eleventh major update of the mobile operating system incorporates 5 new features worth highlighting and that we tell you below in great detail and that they have compiled by 9to5google.

The media player has been redesigned

Android 11 Beta 2 has redesigned the multimedia controls.

One of the most notable changes in the Android 2 Beta 11 is the redesign of the media player, which instead of being placed alongside the rest of the notifications, can now be viewed in its own dedicated space just below the Quick Settings panel. Also, with this new beta the location of the media player is enabled by default and the new controls include a button to quickly switch media output between connected devices.

It should be noted that one of the advantages of the new playback controls Android 11 multimedia is the ability to remember and scroll through five previous multimedia sessions. In addition, a new one also arrives ripple animation when the user plays or pauses multimedia content. These aren't very important changes, but they make the experience even better.

New icon and functions to record the screen

Screen recording undergoes changes with Android 2 Beta 11.

Android 11 Beta 2 adds a new screen recording icon in Quick Settings. But that's not all, as the screen recording feature now allows the user to select the audio source, regardless of whether you want it to be the microphone, the system, or both at the same time.

A really useful feature when making screen recordings while playing, for example, and the user wants to tell or comment something about the game, capturing both the audio of the microphone and that of the device itself.

Frozen apps have a new icon and the power button is unified with the restart button

Android app on Realme X50 Pro.

Another small and interesting change that the Android 2 Beta 11 incorporates is that now applications that are blocked or that will be blocked will appear at the top of the sharing sheet with a new icon, This time in the form of a pin.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that the power button and the restart button which are located in the notification bar were Now unified in a single button, which makes this menu cleaner and simpler.

PiP windows have less resizing capabilities

Built-in windows have less resizing capabilities.

The last change we want to highlight from Android 11 Beta 2 is that the PiP windows Now they have less scaling capabilities. Therefore, picture-in-picture windows now have less flexibility when trying to resize them and it seems like it is not possible to make large changes to the size of these windows.

It should be noted that previous versions of the operating system allowed windows to be resized as long as the aspect ratio was kept, but now there seems to be a size limit.

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