All you need to keep in mind when buying a new mobile

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Changing your cell phone can sometimes be an odyssey. There are more than 1.300 brands on the market, more than 20.000 different devices and, every day, more and more. Renewing your smartphone is usually not an easy task, and although it is true that the first thing you should do is inform yourself well about all the possibilities you have before you, the factor that should make you decide between one or the other is not the price, nor the brand, nor the level of personalization. Nowhere near.

We all get carried away by numbers. We all want more RAM, faster processors, cameras with more megapixels and more lenses, more speed, more screen, more, more, more. The reality is that most of the decisions we make tend to be impulsive and on many occasions we end up spending more than we should on something we won't get the most out of. That is why, dear reader, the one thing you need to take into account when buying a mobile are your needs.

A mobile that adapts to you, not you to him

The only thing you need to ask yourself is if the phone you are going to buy is useful for what you use it. I explain. It is clear that a device with 8 GB of RAM and the latest Qualcomm processor will do everything at lightning speed, open WhatsApp in the blink of an eye and allow you to play all games in maximum definition, but really? real? If your mobile use is checking email, calling and some instant messaging and social networking, I can guarantee you don't need a high end.

Nor do you need a high-end to listen to music, watch YouTube videos, and even watch a movie on Netflix. You don't need it and There's no point in paying more for something you don't need, right? It's like buying a Ferrari to drive 50 km / h along the road in a town of 10.000 inhabitants. Does it reach the goal, which is to take you from home to work? Yes but you will never take advantage of it. It's a waste of money.

Now, if you are a person who plays a lot, who likes to take pictures and record videos, in short, who demands more from the mobile, then you can consider a high-end (although there are a good number of mid-range devices that also they would be worth it, that's all said). Likewise, and I open an umbrella, you don't even have to shut down the Android operating system. If you want an iPhone because it's simpler, because you already have a Mac and it's good for you, because you like the work Apple does, buy it without fear. It may be less powerful, it may have things that can be improved upon, but which suit you is the only thing that matters.

A good buy is a smart buy.

Eventually, the purchase you make will stay with you for a year or two, so it's best to buy something that you like, that works for you, and that gives you the best experience. No leave you carry by the figures, let your needs make the final decision.

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