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We have to go back a few years to remember when Google Maps integrated Local Guides, the service where users can write reviews and add opinions on places and structures to provide key information for other users. A few years have passed since the integration, enough time to confirm that Local Guides has been a success thanks to the involvement of millions of people.

Whenever you visit a restaurant, a cinema, a shop or any place that Google has registered, the platform asks you to express your opinion, but what is this for you? Well, the time has come to find out all badges and the benefits you can get if you collaborate regularly on this Google platform.

All the badges and benefits you can get on Google Maps

Collaborating with your ratings and reviews on Google Maps is not only useful for helping other users, but also for collecting lots of badges and enjoying the benefits offered by the Great G. Local Guides is not just about giving a score or a short review, Google also gives you points for other actions like adding information about a business or answering other people's questions.

After that, we leave you the score table that Google uses to rate your business in its audit service. It is important to know that points can take up to 24 hours to appear in your account and that they do not expire (although they may disappear if Google removes some premises that do not comply with its regulations in the future).

Local Guides Score Table
revision 10 points
Review of more than 200 characters 10 extra points
Evaluation 1 point
Gallery 5 points
Tag photos 3 points
video 7 points
Response 1 point
Answer to Q / A 3 points
Edition 5 points
Add site 15 points
Add way 15 points
Check the data 1 point
Eligible list published mailing 10 points
Description (listed) 5 points

The more contributions you make on Google Maps, the more points you will have on your Local Guides profile. Furthermore, the more points you get, the higher level you will reach, the highest of which will be the tenth level.

The first three do not have a badge, but you should know that from the fourth level a star will appear on your profile in recognition of your work. Any user who looks at your profile will be able to see it. Here is the table of points needed to level up.

Local Guide Levels
Subscription Points Distinctive
Level 1 0 points No badge
Level 2 15 points No badge
Level 3 75 points No badge
Level 4 250 points 4-pointed star
Level 5 500 points 5-pointed star
Level 6 1.500 points 6-pointed star
Level 7 5.000 points 7-pointed star
Level 8 15.000 points 8-pointed star
Level 9 50.000 points 9-pointed star
Level 10 100.000 points 10-pointed star

In addition to these badges, you can get other specials who will recognize your work as a critic, photographer or investigator on Google Maps. These badges, which have a beautiful design, can be seen by any user who logs into your Local Guides profile.

Again, you need to actively contribute reviews, ratings, photos, and other content on Google Maps to earn these special badges. Subsequently, we explain what exactly you need to do to get them and be able to show them on your profile.

Special Google Maps badges
Distinctive name | Requirements
Debut Critic Write 3 site reviews.
Expert critic Write reviews of 25 sites Write reviews of 5 sites of more than 200 characters each Write reviews that have been liked 5 times
master critic Write reviews of 100 sites Write reviews of 50 sites of more than 200 characters each Write reviews that have been liked 50 times
Beginner photographer Add 3 photos of sites.
Experienced photographer Add photos from 25 sites. Add 100 photos. Reach over 100.000 views.
master photographer Add photos from 100 sites Add 1000 photos Reach over 1.000.000 views.
First-time director Add 3 videos from sites.
Experienced director Add videos from 25 sites Add 100 videos Reach over 100.000 views.
Principal Director Add videos from 100 sites Add 1000 videos. Reach more than 1.000.000 views.
pioneer of the beginnings Add the first photo of 1 site. Write the first photo of 1 site. Add 1 approved site
Experienced pioneer Add the first photo of 10 sites Write the first review of 10 sites Add 10 approved sites
Pioneer Master Add the first photo of 50 sites Write the first review of 50 sites Add 50 approved sites
Beginner investigator Suggest 3 changes approved Check 3 changes. Answer 25 questions.
Experienced investigator Suggest 25 changes approved Check 25 changes Answer 250 questions. Master investigator Master Suggest 100 changes approved Check 100 changes Answer 1000 questions.

Adding reviews and ratings, earning points, leveling up, and showing those cute badges on your profile is fine, that's cool, but we all know we'd rather enjoy other benefits by contributing our work on Google Maps.

The company knows this too and, in addition to having created this system of levels and badges, it also recognizes the work of its most participatory users with real benefits.

Thanks to Local Guides you can access the new functions of Google Maps before anyone else. So, those users who have a level 6 or higher, can try the news that will arrive at the map service exclusively in a few months. Additionally, good contributors on Google Maps can also get free subscriptions to Google Play Music and additional storage on Google Drive.

These are the most common benefits for regular Local Guides users, but Google tends to surprise from time to time with truly unique gifts. For example, at Christmas 2018 the company gave some users socks with a design based on the Local Guides theme.

As you can see, if you constantly participate in this system of reviews of places and structures from Google, you may receive some surprises compared to another from the Big G. Also, it is always good to wear an infinite number of badges on your profile and, above all, help with your opinion other users who need it.

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