All Google Pixel wallpapers on your mobile thanks to this application

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For many, Google Pixels are the best Android terminals to buy. They honestly don't have the best processor on the market if we compare them with the rest of the top of the range, but the positive points of these mobile devices are other.

Photographic section, performances and updates, the Holy Trinity of Android. So much so that many of us also consider the Pixel 4a to be the best terminal for less than 400 euros.

Now, not everyone wants or can buy a Google Pixel but there are many who want all their wallpapers on their smartphones. Luckily we can now have it with this application.

Get all the wallpapers of Google Pixel thanks to this application

The Pixel 5 is not officially sold in Spain

If you are one of those who like to have a new wallpaper every day, you will surely love the application that we present to you below.

It is an application created by rs_vanadium, an XDA user who managed to compress all Pixel wallpapers into one app that's really easy to install and use.

You just need to download the APK from the XDA forum and install it on your Android smartphone. In case you still don't know, we leave you how to activate the unknown sources option in Android to install APKs and apps that are not in the Play Store.

The application has been tested on different devices such as Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S21 or OnePlus 9 and although it should be compatible with practically any Android terminal on the market, being a tool created by a single person it is possible that there are terminals that are not compatible.

Unfortunately in Spain, Google has decided not to put the new Google Pixel 5 on sale, so if you want to have the wallpapers of this terminal more than interesting, this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get it.

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