Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money By Promoting Affiliate Products

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But it has been since 1996 that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been inventing a new way to sell and increase book sales on Amazon through other sellers' websites. This became known as affiliate marketing.

In digital marketing, a commission was included for selling the products as long as it was mentioned on that merchant's website; Today there are several affiliate networks that you can access as an intermediary, for example in Spain we have Awin, Trade Tracker e Time One-Performance among others.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is therefore a branch of the digital marketing, in which affiliates, or websites, have the task of advertising the products of others, be they merchants, companies, bloggers, among others; and allows you to earn a commission for the promotion and execution of the sale as long as the customer performs the predetermined movement.

That is, you pay for the results obtained, which can be to complete a registration, touch a link or buy the product and not for its promotion; therefore ne everyone benefits, the advertiser who pays if there are results and the affiliate because his promotional actions have been positive, reaching the set goal.

Aspects that need to be taken into consideration when conducting affiliate marketing

There are some necessary aspects or pillars, which must be taken into consideration when running an Affiliate Marketing promotion, in order to achieve the desired result; for example relevance, ie the product must be tailored to the interests of your customers and don't turn your blog into nonsense, that's why you need to promote products that provide solutions.

Another important aspect is the versatility of the product, where the information is sufficient and easy to obtain, as well as some accessories can be added, which will attract the user's attention; if you can try the product and then you can give a sufficiently founded opinion on it.

It is important that the user is directed to a text link on the product you are promoting, where the product information is reported, attributing it seriousness and value; Finally, you have to be honest for the reader to perceive that there is no deception and that you only sell to earn the commission, it is important to maintain their trust.

How to make money promoting affiliate products?

One of the most important keys to earning money as an affiliate is to promote products that have a good demand in the market, because it will generate good commissions, ranging from 30 to 75%, you can sell both virtual and physical products, the latter are delivered directly to the customer.

Remember, a company's product is promoted for a commission, but it takes time to get the volume and profits you want, as some strategy are required in a certain term, it is advisable to start with a single product and then others are added; also look for different ways of the Internet to promote said product.

The first thing you need to start in this business is register with the product company that you intend to promote, which is free, so when you go to promote, you will get a personal link and only through it.

You will be able to make the sale and receive the Commission that was generated, and not via another link; There is no exact figure of how much you can earn, it will depend on your commitment and perseverance that you have to promote and sell each product.

Finally, it is very important define the goal that you want to reach, to which audience you intend to target the product and which methods will be used to obtain the proposed objectives and the desired profits; Well, the big advantage you have with this affiliate marketing technique is that you don't have to produce the product or service.

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