A user installs Spotify in his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

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Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world, so it's constantly trying to throw in new features, like a quiz to find out which songs suit the mood best. However, as far as we know, Xiaomi vacuum cleaners do not have the compatibility with Spotify, which is already possible today.

One user installed Spotify on his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and the result is a hilarious rotating speaker. Eddie Zhang uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showing his Xiaomi vacuum cleaner on which he installed Spotify. Said user has used Raspotify, an open source client modified to install Spotify on Raspbian - a Debian-based operating system for the Raspberry Pi -, to run the well-known music application on its Chinese company's first-generation vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to this configuration, Spotify can be streamed to the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner speakers, although, according to Zhang himself, "the quality is terrible", which can be seen in the video he uploaded to his YouTube channel. And is that the pinging of the internal speaker of the Chinese company's vacuum cleaner is filtered through the suction noise, so the quality is not desired.

A vacuum cleaner with "a lot of tools"

The only way to install Spotify in said vacuum cleaner is this way, since there is no official compatibility between the music application and the Chinese company's cleaning device. However, this discovery is a good addition for the music fans and for those who like to move their hips while cleaning the house.

To make it work Spotify on your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, and then listen to your songs while you clean, you can always follow the installation guide which Zhang himself shared on his blog.

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