4 good alternatives to better call Saul to watch on Netflix

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B is a spin-off born after that Breaking Bad., one of the best series of all time, ended in 2013. In this new series that doubles as a prequel to what is seen in Breaking Bad, it tells La history of Jimmy McGill seven years before the events of Breaking Bad. where we would have known it as Saul Goodman.

The series has been praised by many experts and has released 5 seasons to date, looking forward to a sixth and final season that would arrive in mid-2021. Created by Vince Gilligan e Peter Gould, B is a great series that you can't miss, however, if you don't want to wait for its final season to arrive, here are the 4 series most similar to B that you can also enjoy in Netflix catalog in Spain.

Breaking Bad.

Obviously Breaking Bad. is the series to watch next B, since it would be the natural continuation of the story of Saul, when he meets the mythical character of Walter White, a chemistry professor who decides to enter the world of drug trafficking and whose subsequent transformation we see in Heisenberg. If you're one of those rare birds who started out with Better Call Saul and not Breaking Bad, it already takes some getting used to - you'll love it.

  • Year 2008.
  • Seasons: 5.
  • Episodes available: 62.
  • Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

Peak Blinders

While it doesn't look much like Better Call Saul at first glance, Peaky Blinders shares a background of «mob drama» with which you will surely connect to. Set in the 20s, it will take you back to the times of English gangsters, seeing the rise of a composed mafia from the Shelby family and their gang of gangsters, i Peaky Blinders, which control part of the gambling and drug trafficking business.

  • Year 2013.
  • Seasons: 5.
  • Episodes available: 30.
  • Approximate duration: 55 minutes.


Interpreted by Jason batemanin Ozark we see how a financial advisor drags his or her family into the dark world of crime when it comes to laundering 500 million di dollars to carry out the orders of a fearsome Mafia boss.

  • Year: 2017.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes available: 30.
  • Approximate duration: 55 minutes.


It is one of the essential Netflix series. Based on real events, in Narcos we will follow the agent Javier Peña in his attempts to capture the leader of the Medellín cartel, Pablo Escobar. A high dose action cat and mouse game that will get you in the world of the Colombian mafia of the Eighties and Nineties, perfectly reflecting the real movements of one of the most dangerous and powerful cartels in all of Latin America.

  • Year: 2015.
  • Seasons: 5.
  • Episodes available: 50.
  • Approximate duration: 45 minutes.
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