12 reasons why WhatsApp can ban or kick you

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For different reasons WhatsApp can kick you out of the service or even ban you temporarily, so you have to be careful of certain types of practices because they put you at risk of losing your account and not being able to use the messaging service anymore.

In WhatsApp they can temporarily ban you for a certain time or they can also ban you permanently, which means they ban you from using your account and you can never use it again, at least with that phone number.

People are unaware of most of those practices that can get you kicked or banned from WhatsApp, so it's good to know them in case you're doing any, so you're warned so you're aware of what you can and can't do.

When we talk about prohibition we are referring to a temporary expulsion, or it can be an expulsion lasting several hours, days or weeks, depending on the law that has been violated. If the user is a repeat offender, this can lead to a permanent expulsion. On the other hand, do these things on WhatsApp means that the service can ban you permanently and you will no longer be able to use it with the associated phone number.

Having explained the concepts, we are now going to see the reasons why WhatsApp could expel you temporarily or permanently

Use WhatsApp mods

We have already mentioned on more than one occasion that using unofficial WhatsApp apps, which implement new features or not, should not be used. Let's talk about the many WhatsApp mods out there, GBWhatsApp could be an example, but there are more.

This type of app modifies the WhatsApp code and managers can detect its use, which can result in a temporary ban, i.e. a ban will occur for a while until you use the original app again.

Groups with unknown people

The fact of trying to create groups including many people you don't have in your contacts it can lead WhatsApp to temporarily ban you, although it is certainly a practice you have been doing for some time because we do not always know all the participants.

The key seems to be to add a lot of people who are not in your agenda, probably if you add two or three nothing would happen, but first it is better to create them as contacts even if you will only create a group on WhatsApp to avoid this situation.

Send messages to unknown people

Similar to the previous point, but this time it has to do with sending messages to users who have not stored you in their contact list. We already know that you can send messages without adding someone to your contacts, but you should use it sparingly for what we've discussed.

It is an unusual practice, but it is possible that on some occasion you need to send a certain message, image or any other content to a specific person who is not part of your contacts, or even that person. In that case, nothing would happen.

Abuse of broadcast listings

The lists broadcasters offer the ability to send the same message to a large number of people at the same time, so you don't need to open every conversation and send them the same message, it's a very convenient option that also saves you from having to resend.

Abusing sending too many messages can lead to a temporary expulsion or ban from WhatsApp, so use them sparingly and at very specific times, if you intend to use it for advertising or something like that, be careful because WhatsApp can intervene.

Sending mass messages

Leaving broadcast lists aside, pay attention to send the same message to a large number of people on your WhatsApp, they can detect this practice and expel you temporarily in order to take into account that you should continue to use this possibility.

Bulk message forwarding

Similar to the above, the WhatsApp message forwarding abuse is a reason why you are temporarily banned and you can't use the app until your account is returned, so be careful about that, even though WhatsApp has quite limited the option.

Initially there was no message forwarding limit, but recently they introduced it precisely to prevent the spread of hoaxes or false information, as a measure to fight WhatsApp against fake news.

Blocking users on your account

Il blocking by users of your WhatsApp account in a short amount of time is also another reason they can greet you for a few hours or a few days. It's rare that this happens, but if it does, WhatsApp might think something is up.

The fact that many people block you can be due to many things, WhatsApp will consider the account suspicious of something and decide to ban you until it is clear what is going on. It's something that doesn't depend on you, so be careful what you send to other people, your behavior, etc.

By accumulating one or more over a period of time, WhatsApp they may feel that you have violated the rules of using their service too much, so they can permanently kick you out as mentioned before, so you need to be careful.

Mass or automatic actions

Carry out activities automatically or massively without user intervention, i.e. through external tools, it can be detected as a bad practice by WhatsApp and, in this case, presupposes a definitive expulsion from the service forever.

This type of action is to be avoided since, as you can see, they can leave you without your WhatsApp account, at least with the phone number with which you performed them.

suspicious phone number

WhatsApp may have some kind of information where it has yours phone number in the spotlight for doing some kind of not really good activity, then he will consider it suspicious and can lead to a permanent expulsion.

Account reported by users

Another reason you can get banned from WhatsApp is due to the excessive number of reports that other users of the service can do against your account for any reason, so be careful what practices you do in the application that can annoy others.

For example, having a business account and spamming a lot or something like that becomes more than enough reason for someone to report your account and WhatsApp detects that this is indeed the case and closes it forever.

Heavy account usage

This is something unlikely to happen, but yes, WhatsApp has more than enough reasons to kick you if it detects that your account is being used heavily, i.e. that certain types of limits are exceeded which are currently impossible for anyone to reach.

For example, a mass sending of messages would become a suspicious and massive action that could be detected as such, so special precautions must be taken.

Suspicious group names

While it may seem silly, WhatsApp seems to be attentive to names that are given to groups which are created in the app and if you notice that one is suspicious, has an illegal term or for another reason, it is also grounds for at least the owner can be banned.

Something must be taken into consideration, not always WhatsApp blocks an account temporarily or bans it forever it's because it's right, the user has the option to appeal that use or to permanently terminate it and for that you can contact whatsapp if you think you have done it wrong.

When either situation occurs, the user will know what happened to them why when he enters WhatsApp he will be informed that his account has now been banned or banned, in the first case he may even see a timer indicating when he will return to WhatsApp. Use your account as before.

Right now these are the reasons why WhatsApp he may decide to temporarily expel you, what is called a ban, or permanently expel you from the service, other causes could later be added, but at this moment these are and must be taken into consideration.

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