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WhatsApp is the world's leading instant messenger and has been on the throne ever since it was released. We all use it to keep in touch with our family and friends, upload fun statuses about our daily activities and tell how we feel through emojis, stickers and chatting with everyone. Though one of the basic issues arises at the time of privacy and with these applications to hide WhatsApp conversations will be resolved.

Its function is to make sure that the application and all your private messages are safe from gossips and spies, so you will get a set of tools that will help you achieve these purposes. On Appsfor.org we were looking for a way to hide our private chats - don't ask why - and we came across many surprising alternatives. Next, we present ours TOP 10 of the best apps to hide WhatsApp conversations.

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10. Secure Messenger and Chat

The best way to start hiding all your conversations, files and private things on WhatsApp is with this app. Protect Messenger is an advanced lock that will help you secure all your messenger apps with a unique PIN code, which will help protect your device from any lurking snoopers. The only thing you need is to activate the box for WhatsApp and you will have already blocked it.

Meanwhile, Protect Messenger stands out among the applications to hide WhatsApp conversations because it contains a spy catcher. YES! When someone is trying to access the app and enters the password incorrectly, the app will take a picture of you with the front camera without making any sound, so you won't notice. When you enter you will receive a notification and you will know who has tried to see your stuff.

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9. Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure private chat

Now, if what you need is to block each of your WhatsApp conversations, you will love this application. Locker for Whats will help you define a password or pattern to keep your application protected from the start, preventing third parties from entering to read your chats. But you will be able to take advantage of the double safety feature, which makes it one of the best applications to hide WhatsApp chats and consists of blocking individual conversations.

In other words, you will only have to access Locker for Whats, define a password, register with an email to get the recovery modes and then click on the "+" button where you can choose the chats you want to block. When someone enters, they have to enter the password, so all the content you shared will be completely safe and free from unscrupulous people. Try it now!

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8. App Hider – Hide parallel apps

Another application to hide WhatsApp conversations that you should try is App Hider. If you have a dual SIM device with two WhatsApp accounts, but you want to have one hidden so that no one sees it, this application will be very useful for you. And is that its main function is based on hiding any app using an icon that no one will notice: the calculator. The only thing left is to define a built-in lock code, which will also be hidden.

How? When you enter the calculator, the numbers will be displayed with the basic operation signs of this app. No one will know that entering the code will unlock your private WhatsApp, so you won't have a better way to keep all your conversations secret than through this application.

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7. Online Hidden Status Invisible | Not last chat

One of the problems for every couple – or to hide from the annoying boss – is the “online” of WhatsApp. Now you can log in and read all conversations, reply to messages, see posted statuses and more without having to worry about them while you're online. And is that Hidden Status is designed to work like a parallel chat, in which the last time you were within the application, nor the exact time, will be shown.

D'altra parte, Hidden Status it is ideal among last time whatsapp apps because it works as deleted messages recovery. When someone sends a photo, voice note or any message, the parallel app will store it on your system in case the user deletes it. Don't worry because the message will still be there and you can enjoy it whenever you want. While its function is not to replace the use of the original app, it only offers those features.

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6. MaskChat – Hide Whatsapp chat

Have you ever been on the subway or in line, but someone is reading your WhatsApp conversations? With this application you can easily solve this problem. MaskChat works as an «anti gossip» which is based on offering you some functions so that other people do not see what you do on your device, such as an opacity curtain, which will help you lower the contrast of the screen enough to only you can see.

Furthermore, MaskChat works as an automatic blocker, which will offer you "curtains" that will cover the conversation while you wait. When they answer you, you just have to swipe up and you will automatically go back to the previous screen with the same level of contrast so that no one can see what you are doing, becoming one of the best applications to hide WhatsApp conversations.

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5. Hide invisible chat

Perhaps you find yourself searching applications to hide everything from WhatsApp. Well Hide Chat offers you more, as it offers you many possibilities so that you can have the highest level of privacy. The app works in parallel, where you can enter to see all the messages they send you, without receiving the read receipt, your last time and the double blue check that has caused so many problems.

The best thing is that with Hide chat you can also download all the statuses you want without your contacts noticing that they have seen them. You will also have a secret vault to store all your private photos, videos and files. Don't worry about chats, because you can add them to a hidden drawer, as well as recover any messages that your contacts have deleted.

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4. Hide chats

Since your intimate files are important, we offer you a dedicated option. Hide Chat is a secret vault where you can store any number of private media files to back them up. Later, you can delete the conversation without worrying about losing your photos and videos, as they will be stored in a safe place. Set a password and security questions for a higher level of protection.

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3. Private read - hidden chat for whatsapp

Maybe you need apps to hide whatsapp conversations with all in one. Private read will block any commits, double-checks, and inlines so no one sees what you're doing. It also offers you deleted file recovery so that you can get back those photos and videos that the other person deleted. Dare to download all statuses without anyone knowing that you have viewed them and much more.

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2. Hide invisible view chat

When someone important notices that we leave it "seen" via the double blue check, they can interpret it as ignoring it. To avoid misunderstandings, it's best to use these applications to hide WhatsApp conversations, as you will be able to block that confirmation function without ceasing to receive them. No one will notice that you haven't opened the chat because your last time will also be protected.

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1. Hide Wasap online last time (tricks)

Finally, if you don't want to use other apps to hide whatsapp conversations but you want to get some simple tricks, this app will help you. In it you will find many hidden tips and tricks with which you can hide your last seen, the «online» function, the blue double checkmark and many other possibilities, without having to resort to third parties or download anything additional. Give it a go!

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With these applications to hide WhatAapp conversations you can protect chats with a password, hide the application, add custom alerts, lock photos, videos, voice notes and media files, create complex codes, pins and patterns, recover deleted chats and files and much more of other possibilities that are available only among the different functions and features that these applications offer us, so you should try them all.

Ad Aplicacionspara.org we are interested in your privacy and since you have asked us a lot about the best apps to hide chats, we have brought you a review of the most varied options and with particular advantages, so there are several unofficial ways to make sure that no one can read your messages , shared files and everything you send via green messaging. This was ours TOP 10 of the best applications to hide WhatsApp conversations. Enjoy your privacy!

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