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Instagram is widely known around the world, as one of most important photo and image sharing applications ever. The novelties of Instagram establish a pattern at the time and continue to make a difference compared to other networks, since in it we can show our lives in an artistic and very visual way, mainly thanks to the famous stories. For this reason it is ideal to tell you about the applications to download Instagram stories.

The new Instagram Stories were a boom at a time when Snapchat was having its greatest glory in the world of social networking applications as this feature was new and particular to it. However, the network of cameras has seen the opportunity to adapt the image sharing function for a specific period of time, to show our daily life, without having to go to a publication pinned to our profile.

It is thanks to this that thousands of applications to download Instagram stories have emerged, mainly when world-famous artists, singers, actors and celebrities publish their stories as content closest to their real life, so that their fans and followers always have wanted to preserve this content and now you can do it with these apps. Next, we show you our TOP 10 applications to download Instagram stories.


10. Story Saver per Instagram

The best way to download the stories of your WhatsApp followers is through this app. With Story Saver for Instagram you can get all the photos and videos shared by Instagram users, automatically downloading them to the application after viewing them. You no longer have to go to screenshots to get the stories, and this time, in good quality.

On the other hand, included in the apps to download Instagram stories, Story Saver is ideal for storing releases of your favorite artists, including music tracks that are usually shared via stories as thumbnails, so you'll get all the extra content at first hand and ready to be used by you on your smartphone.

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9. Story Saver per Instagram – Story Assistant

An app that does what it says. Story Assistant uses your Instagram account, accessed from its own app, to get all the stories shared by your followed contacts. Is the best! If you are one of those who have multiple accounts, you will no longer have to close and log in every moment, because with this application you can open the accounts you want and start downloading.

In that sense, among the best applications for downloading Instagram stories, Story Assistant uses a simple and fluid interface to get all the content you want from famous stories, including the assignment of "bookmark contacts" where you can add those accounts to who want to download their stories permanently and automatically, with fast downloads and full previews.

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8. In Grabber Story Saver per Instagram

If you are one of those who prefer «all in one» applications with which you can create multiple options in the same space, you will love In Grabber, we assure you. With this app, all the content you find on Instagram is downloadable. Seriously! Gone are the days when you had to settle for the App content, because now it can download it for you.

Of the notable options, In Grabber lets you download any photos or videos from Instagram accounts you want to regular posts. The novelty comes in the ability to download IGTV videos, a new format for posting long videos. And, of course, you can save any photos or videos shared through Stories so you can complete your gallery.

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7. Save history

Another app worth trying is Story Save. With it, you can do thousands of things, like downloading regular publications of posts from users you follow, by simply entering your Instagram account into the app. In addition, it features the novelty of downloading IGTV videos so that you are not satisfied with just watching them in the application.

On the other hand, StorySave is one of the most complete applications to download Instagram stories, because in addition to offering you the opportunity to keep the stories of your contacts, it also has a search bar so you can search for those accounts that you don't follow, which you may have blocked, and download all its content without leaving any traces. Great!

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6. Downloader per Instagram

Perhaps the most popular apps for downloading Instagram Stories are the ones that offer all the options and features for free! And that's exactly what this App is about. With Downloader for Instagram you can keep all the story posts made by your contacts or followers in the app, in the best quality available.

Although, since private accounts don't allow you to get the image links publicly, you won't be able to download this content. But the Repost option makes up for it. You don't need another app to re-share those old posts you want to commemorate, or posts from your friends and contacts you follow at any time.

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5. Video Downloader for Instagram

Whether you need to download your own videos, those of your followers or any other public Instagram user, this app will get you out of the mud. With Video Downloader you can download as many videos as you want, in the highest available quality and from the accounts you need, so you can keep the content and play it as many times as you want offline in your gallery.

But that is not all! Because among the features offered by this application, we find the function of reposting your favorite videos. Commemorate those video posts you posted a long time ago via a TBT or share your friends' ones with the most relevant content, just by clicking the repost option and posting them to your account in seconds.

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4. Save history of One Tab Labs

If you need applications to download light Instagram stories that take up little space in your storage space, this app is made for you. Download as many stories as you want from your followers, followers and even contacts you don't follow, simply by using the user search option integrated into the application.

In addition, you will also be able to repost stories in your account, a very useful new feature if you need to do this action. Also with Story Saver you will also be able to download the multimedia content of images and videos available in your profile or that of your friends, in normal posts or publications, becoming a very complete option to use.

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3. Wrickelapps Story Saver per Instagram

With a very elegant, simple and without excessive weight interface, this application will let you enjoy the stories on your device. You just have to log in with your username and password, to authenticate your account and start downloading all the stories available at any time, in the highest quality and without any limits.

Meanwhile, with Story Saver you will also be able to share the downloaded files on your personal Instagram account, send them via DM, share them on any other social network, via email and also via cloud, thanks to the fact that The downloaded images or videos are stored in the gallery of your device so that you can use them to your liking, distinguishing yourself among the applications to download Instagram stories.

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2. Save Stories for Instagram

If other applications to download stories from Instagram do not allow you to download stories from other networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp, Save Stories for Instagram will allow it. In a full account, you will be able to automatically download all the stories shared on available social networks, so that you are in control of the contents in the same space.

Also, among the further possibilities of this application, it gives you the opportunity to share and repost or publish the content you have downloaded on your social networks. If you found a meme you liked in an Instagram story and want to share it via WhatsApp status or Facebook stories, you can do it without any hindrance with this App.

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1. Story Saver for Instagram by fnotisaver

With a very simple interface and a billboard that locates your contacts with a single click, this app is functional among the applications for downloading Instagram stories. You just have to enter with username and password, and you will see all the contacts who have published stories, in a list positioned in a grid and strategically to get straight to the point.

Also, by simply clicking on it, the contents will be downloaded quickly thanks to the optimized download function, so you won't have to wait long to get your favorite contents and you can save them in your gallery to enjoy them later. You can even share the downloads on any social network or messenger and also, via Instagram itself, thanks to the share with everyone option.

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In short, Instagram has become an essential social network for today's users. Many use it to socialize and share their daily actions, but others use it commercially, also serving to advertise or sell any product, thanks to the bulletin board or gallery of images and videos that this app offers us, above all, with the impressive stories, which you can keep with these apps to download instagram stories.

Meanwhile, using these apps, you will be able to do thousands of things, such as download the stories of your contacts and not on the social network, share or repost them on your account or on other social and messaging networks. You will also have the option to additionally download other types of content such as publications and ordinary posts and those long-term videos from the new IGTV, to have everything first person in your gallery.

For this, from Aplicacionspara.org we decided to search among the hundreds of applications available in the Play Store, to bring you the best and most functional of all. Thanks to this review, you will now know the benefits, advantages, features and functionalities of each proposal, but it will be you who will make the decision to download the one that suits you best. This has been our TOP 10 best apps to download Instagram Stories. How do you like them!


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